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All types of papers are welcomed on a rolling basis and reviewed for target volumes. Articles should normally  be in MS Word usually between 3000-6000 words. Fonts should be Arial Narrow, size 11, single spaced and in block paragraphs. All equations should be numbered, figure(s) should be labelled below the figure(s) and diagrams and all tables labelled on top of the table(s). All sources of figures and diagrams and tables should be acknowledged and specified if they are not directly from the author or from fieldwork(s).


Authors should use APA Referencing style. Paragraphs should be separated by spaces and be in block form - no indents. Article Title, Name of Authors, Affiliations, E-mail address and Phone Numbers should be at the beginning of each paper and centralized. Co-authors must be informed by the lead author for all submissions carrying multiple authors.  Simultaneous submission of same article to other journals, conferences or outlets are not allowed.


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Case studies, surveys, experimental designs, prototyping, empirical research,innovative numerate articles that presents frameworks, theories, findings and discovery in the Journals thematic areas are welcomed. Extended versions of papers presented in conferences and other research and academic forums including book reviews are also acceptable. Authors are welcomed to submit manuscript(s) for consideration in the pure and applied sciences, social and management sciences, humanities, education and science education, technology, engineering, environmental sciences/studies  as well as engineering and technology.



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&  Computational Sciences
The Advances in Mathematical & Computational Sciences Journal is an Open -Access Publication. Copies are available for download online for reference, personal  and research purposes.  Click any of the previous volumes below to download papers from the Journal Archives
2013 - Volume 1 - Advances in Maths/Comp Journal
2014 - Volume 2 - Advances in Maths/Comp Journal
2015 - Volume 3 - Advances in Maths/Comp Journal
2016 - Volume 4- Advances in Maths/Comp Journal
2017 - Volume 5- Advances in Maths/Comp Journal
2018 - Volume 6- Advances in Maths/Comp Journal
2019 - Volume 7 - Advances in Maths/Comp Journal

  Vol 9.  N0 2 2021 Series                                     

Network Security Based On Two-Factor Authentication System

Sarumi, J.A. (PhD)


  Vol 9.  N0 1 2021 Series                                     

FAITH Software Life Cycle Model for Forex Expert Advisors

Oyemade, D. A. & Allenotor, D.

Dyn DDoS Cyberattack: A Position Paper

Ademola, E.O.

Intelligent Swarming Networks(iSWAN) for Top-k Query Optimization in Real Time Sensor Databases               

Enyindah, P., Onyejegbu, L.N. PhD & Onuodu, F.E. PhD

Improving TCP Performance in Heterogeneous Computing Networks

Mmue, Y.E, Ogbozor Charles O. & Umoh, K.J.

Application of Context awareness in Crude Oil pipeline Monitoring and Encroachment Detection – A Review.

Giadom, V. L., Eke, B. O. (PhD) & Ogheneovo, E.E. (PhD)

A Throughput Maximization Based Load Balancing Technique for Big-data Cloud Systems

Oduwole, O. A., Akinboro S. A., Lala, O. G., Oladoye S. F. & Olabiyisi S. O.


  Vol 8.  N0 3  September                                      


TrimT: A Graphical Password Authentication Scheme

Adebimpe, L.A.

Knowledge Discovery in Road Accidents Database: A Multidimensional Approach

Victor Akinbola Olutayo, V.A. & Eludire, A.A.

A Trio Model for Network Performance Evaluation

Nzadon, D.T, Adeyemo, O. A. & Aweh, O. M.

Signal with Blake2, Chacha20 and Poly1305

Atiku, A.U. &  Sajoh, D.I.

A Typified Greedy Dynamic Programming Model for the MetaTrader Platform

Oyemade, D. A.

SMSTDroid -  Intrusion Detection System for Mobile Android Devices Payment System

Ekong, U.O.  & Idio N.O.

A Classification Model for the Risk of Tuberculosis in Nigeria Using Data Mining Approach

Egejuru, N.C.,  Fajimi, B.O., Omodunbi, T.O. & Idowu, P.A.

A Mathematical Model for Undergraduate Suicide Ideation Detection

Ezea, I. L.

Towards Unified Criteria for Usability Measurements in the Interface Evaluation Based on Instructional Design.

Tosho, A. 

   PAST issue  - Vol 8.  N0 2  june, 2020                  


Development of an Enhanced Cryptographic Model for Data Security

Osagie, F.O. & Daodu, S.S.

Investigating the Diagnostic Factors of Multicollinearity in a Multiple Linear Regression Model

Ilo H.O, Awariefe, C., Afolabi, N.

Human Nose Recognition System Based On Curvature-Based Landmark Detection (CBLD) and Nose Ridge Profile (NRP) Approach

Aranuwa, F.O, Odimayomi, J.A, Abolarin, O.S.

Development of a Secured Authentication Technique for Accessing De-duplicated Data from Private Cloud Using One Time Password

Oloyede, A., Adedara, O., 4Nwaocha Vivian .O., Oduroye, A., Ogunlana, D., Adeyemi, B. & Longe, O.

In-silico Studies on 3,4-dihydropyrimidin-2(1H)-one Urea Derivatives (3,4-DPU) as Efficient  Hydrolase Inhibitor down regulating Staphylococcus aureus

Oyebamiji, A.K., Ogenma, U.T, Ekwonwa, E.C., Olowosaga, F.C., Amao, F.A., Adeosun, I.J, Olotu, T.M, Kaka, M.O., Ademola, R.A., Adeyoju, A.L. & Mutiu, O.A.

   PAST issue  - Vol 8.  N0 1 march, 2020                  

Development of a Vehicle Driving Authorization Permit and Fake Driver Detection System Using Fingerprints Techniques

Salako, E. Adekunle, Muhammed, B. Abdullahi & Solomon, A. Adepoju

Thermal Conductivity Through Hollow Sphere Using One Dimensional Steady State

Oyefusi A.S, Amusa S.A, Ibikunle O, Abioye A.R, Abraham M. & Jatto A.O

On LSTM Implementation for Emotion Detection using Natural Language Processing (NLP) Toolkit

Enikuomehin, A.O., Odugbesan, I.O., Aiyeniko, O., Onugwu, J. E. & Kanu, O.K.

Implementation of a Distributed Database Transcript Processing System (HWBTP)

Konyeha, S. & Isere, O.

Detecting Students’ Assessment Score Anomalies Using KNN Classification Algorithm

Ukoba, J.O, Ochei, L.C. & Okengwu, U.A.


An Ontology-Driven Fashion Recommender System for Occasion-Specific Apparels

Usip, P.U , Osang, F.B. & Konyeha, Susan

Towards a Theoretical Framework on Cyber Security Risk Management on the Computer Language Interpretation to Yoruba Language Project

Akinwumi, D.A. Alese, B.K., Akingbesote, A.O. & Oluwadare, S.A.

Review of Pythagorean Triple Based Cryptography System for Information Security

Ibrahim M. A., Adigun A. A. & Ale T. O.

   PAST issue  - Vol 7.  N0 4 December 2019                 


Reduction of Minimum Switching Time Error In Second Order Plant Using Non-Linear Binary Controller

Nwabuzo, N.B., Itaketo, U. & Udofia, K.M.

Development of Local Feature Models for Accurate Detection and Classification of Medical Images

Ibrahim M. A. & Adigun A. A.

Deductive Review: Dissimilarities and Similarities of Wired and Wireless Computing Networks.

Oloyede, A., Ogunlana, D., Akinyemi, P., Oduroye, A.,  & Longe, O.

   PAST issue  - Vol 7.  N0 3 September 2019                 


A Consensus-Aware Pervasive Computing Systems Model for Smart Space Environments

Taylor, O.E., Asagba, P.O. & Eke, B.O.

Comparative Analysis of Five Statistical Packages’ Features and Output

Ayodele, O.S. Alabi, T.J. & Ajayi, O.F.

On the Discrete Logarithm Problem of the Finite Groups of Rhotrices Over Zp

Tudunkaya, S. M.

The 5th and 7th Higher Order of Hybrid Block Simpson’s Method for Stiff Ordinary Differential Equations

Skwame, Y. & Adeyeye, F.J.

   PAST issue  - Vol 7.  N0 1 June  2019                     


Design Architecture for Training Random Forest Classifiers to Detect Phishing Attacks

Longe, O.B., Okorejior, M.S. & Etebong, B.I.

DOI: -

A Six Step Block Grid Point Collocation Method for Direct Solution of Second Order Ordinary Differential Equations Using Chebyshev Polynomials as Basis Function

Alabi, M.O. & Babatunde, O.Z.

DOI: - -

Prediction of Foreign Exchange (Forex) Market Using Support Vector Machines

Ike, J.C., Anireh, V.I.E. & Bennett, E.O.

DOI: - -

Stock Market Analysis and Prediction System Using Fuzzy Logic Type-2

Davies, I.N, Anireh, V.I.E, & Bennett, E.O

DOI: - -

Meshless Radial Basis Function Method for Numerical Solution of Shallow Water Equations in Spherical Geometry

Durojaye M O & Odeyemi J.K

DOI: - -

   PAST issue  - Vol 7.  2019  Series                      


​​​Securing Digital Image Using Chaotic Encryption Scheme

Aderonke J. Ikuomola

Application of Linear Programming to Profit Maximization

(A Case Study of Johnsons Nig. Ltd)

 Oyekan, E.A. & Temisan, G.O.


Variational Iteration Method for the Numerical Simulation of HIV Epidemic

Bashiru  K.A  & Olayiwola M.O.


Stability Analysis of an SIR Epidemic Model with Proportional Mixing Incidence Rate and Treatment.

​Ojurongbe T.A, Bashiru K. A & Kolawole M.K.

On Search Engines and Web Page Ranking Algorithms

Naibi, R. S., Atiku, A.U. & Sajoh, D.I.

The A-stable of the 5th Higher Order Of Hybrid Block Simpson’s Method For Stiff ODEs

Skwame, Y. & Adeyeye, F.J.

Design And Implementation Of A Real Time Clock With Manual Set Using VHDL

Olujide A. Adenekan, Adeyemi I. Olateju & Mobolaji A. Sodunke

Development of a Mobile Controlled Robot Using Artificial Vision with Advanced Intelligent System

Oloyede, A., Ogunlana, D., Nwaocha Vivian .O.,Oduroye, A.,  & Longe, O.

Performance Evaluation of Human Brain Structural Segmentation Tooklkits

Akanji, W.A., Adelanwa, S.O.A.  & Akinrinlola, I.A.


   PAST issue  - Vol 6.  2018 Series                              

​​​​​​​​​​Leslie Matrix Model and Female Population In Nigeria

Obanla O. James, Ilo Hammed O. & Hassan Fatai A.

Survival Analysis: An Application To Patients With Tuberculosis Infection

Akingbade, A.A.; Ikegwu, E.M ; Badmus, N.I. & Akinsola, O.J.

Comparison of two Compression Algorithms for Medical Images (Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) and Discrete Wavelet Transform (DWT))

Idepefo, O. Felix, Longe, O.B & Okunade, T.A


T2-TRACMIS – A Type 2 Fuzzy Logic Traffic Management Information System for the Coordination of Vehicular Traffic

V.I.E Anireh & S.B. Nnaa

Comparative Evaluation of Symmetric AES & DES Cryptographic Techniques

A.O. Akinrotimi, & R.O. Oladele

Towards an Integrated Information Systems Adoption, Usage and Performance Theory – A Review

Osang, Francis Bukie and Ndunagu, J. N.

Social Media Users Perception on Privacy Issues in a Nigerian University

O. Onifade, M. Olomu, B. F. Ajao, M. Atoyebi & O. Ilevbare

Analyses of Students’ Vocational Data Using Some Selected Classification Algorithms

Baale, A.A. & Adelodun, F.O

Ladoke Akintola University of Technology, Ogbomoso, Oyo State, Nigeria.


Performance Evaluation and Analysis of Biometric  Workload Attendance Management System

I.R. Idowu & O.D. Adeniji

A Comparative Review of Mobile Learning Models

Onwodi, G.

Creating A Refractive Error Plan
Dania, Afe Victor (OD., MPH)


   PAST issue  - Vol 4/5.  2016/2017 Series                    

Improving Capacity of Reception Quality in Mobile Communication Networks Using Ber Performance Metric

Umoren, I., Effiang, D. & Etuk, U.

Performance Modelling and Optimization of Business Investment Using Decision Tree Approach

 Osang, Francis Bukie & Umoren, Imeh

Security Vulnerabilities of Existing Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) Attack & its Mitigation Techniques.

 Adenekan, O.A1 &  Durosinmi, A.E

A Scalable M-learning Systems for the National Open University of Nigeria Using Multimedia Data Transmissions Technologies

Onwodi, G.

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