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The Society for Multidisciplinary & Advanced Research Techniques (SMART) Africa Publishers of the Computing, Information Systems & Development Informatics  Journal. SMART Africa is registered as a Network of Multidisciplinary Academics, Professionals and Researchers to facilitate socioeconomic, infrastructural, human capital, innovations and  global development through the clustering, dynamism and interaction of indigenous and international Stakeholders and multidisciplinary research enthusiasts.

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Prof. Stella C. Chiemeke

Professor of Computer Scince

University of Benin

Benin City, Nigeria

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The Computing, Information Systems & Development Informatics Journal is an Open -Access Publication. Copies are available for download online for reference, personal  and research purposes.  Click any of the previous volumes below to download papers from the Journal Archives


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About the Journal


​​The Computing, Information Systems & Development Informatics  Journal provides a distinctive global perspective on research, theories, developments, designs, issues, critiques, frameworks and practices at the nexus of computing, informations systems, Information Technology, Engineering Sciences, Security Studies, IT Law, Globalization, Policy, Developments Informatics, Business Management, Digital Humanities and other tangential domains of studies. ​​Short communications/reviews on development informatics activities that appropriate design, globalization, development, implementation and usage of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) to achieve development goals are also acceptable. ​​We promote policy research that seeks to employ established (and proposed) legal and social frameworks to support the achievement of development goals through ICTs - particularly the millennium development goals. Scroll to the Paper submission instructions section for more information on paper submission format etc

​    2024 Edition - Vol. 15  No. 1                                                  


Trends, Challenges and Opportunities of Engaging  Digital Forensics for Cybercrime Investigations

Adams Terence Addey

Pilot Study on Web Server HoneyPot Integration Using Injection Approach for Malware Intrusion Detection

Malasowe Bridget, Aghware Fidelis & Edim, Bassey Edim

Web Framework Content Based Filtering for Picture Sharing

Ehigiator Egho-Promise & Mensah Sitti

DeLEMPaD: Pilot Study on a Deep Learning Ensemble for Energy Market Prediction of Price Volatility and Direction

Christopher Odiakaose, Frances Emordi, Patrick Ejeh, Nwanze Ashioba, Christopher Odeh, Obiageli Attoh & Maduabuchuku Azaka

Performance Evaluation of Machine Learning Model in Predicting Heart Disease Prevalent

Abiola O. A. Adebisi R. O.  Adeyemo A. B.

Harnessing HTML5 Web Technology: An Alternative Means for Mobile e-Reporting in Developing Countries

Adaiti Allen Kadams, Mohammed Usman & Fred Fudah Moveh

​    2023 Edition - Vol. 14 No. 4                                                    

Software Complexity Measures of Bubble, Heap and Shell Sorting Algorithms Using Node Representation

Ayodele, Oluwakemi Sade; Owoeye, Folusho Olayinka & Ezekiel, Rock Adeiza & Ajayi, Ebenezer Akinyemi

Development of a Hybrid Query Processing Algorithm in a Distributed Database Management System

Dawodu, Adekunle .A., Badmus, Yahyah . A., Bello, Abass M.

& Dawodu, Ayokunle Mayowa

Technophilia: Viable Tool for Actualizing Refugee Education

Olebara Comfort Chinaza

​    2023 Edition - Vol. 14 No. 3                                                    

Performance Evaluation Of Cloud Based Elliptic Curve Cryptographic Digital Signature E-Voting System For The Conduct Of Election In Nigeria

Akingbesote. A.O., Babatobi, F.J. & Akinwumi, D. A.

Technology Acceptance Modelling of Bring Your Own Device  (BYOD): A Confirmatory Factor Analysis

Ekong, U. O., Ekong, V. E., 1,Ejodamen, P. U. & Nderiya, I. B

Spatially Enabled Web-Based Renal Registry Systemfor Nigeria

Egejuru, N.C, Adekunle, K.O., Egejuru, S.C & Idowu, P.A. 

A Synchronized Mobile Responsive Application for Suicide Ideation Detection

Ezea, I. L, Eneh, A. H.,  Agu, N. M. & Bakpo, F.S.

​    2023 Edition - Vol. 14 No. 2                                                    

Towards SDG 4 Actualization - Determining the Impact of Age, Gender and Study Field On Visual Learning

Olebara, Comfort Chinaza

Bimodal Voter Accreditation System (BVAS) and INEC Result Viewing (IReV) and Ballot Papers: Suggested Iterative Improvements and Real Size Testing

Suleiman, Ridwan Naibi


Phishing in Cyberspace: Trends, Vulnerabilities, and Strategies for Addressing this Global Menace

Bernard, O.P., Edegbe, G.N., .Chinedu, P.. & Makinde, O.S.  

A Formal Ontology for Special Needs Conditions

Adebayo, E.O., Ayorinde, I.T &  Akinkunmi, B.O.

Green Computing: The Impact of Data Size and Power Consumption on Constrained Devices

Ayodele, O.S., Owoeye, F.O. &  Idoko, P.S.

​    2023 Edition - Vol. 14 No. 1                                                    


Design and Implementation of an Analytical Software for Trado-Medical Patients’ Data

Osaremwinda, O.,  Ifechukwude, A.Y.  & Okechuku, E.O.

Advancing Healthcare Security: Developing a Composite Set of Cybersecurity Requirements for the Healthcare Industry

Yamcharoen P., Folorunsho O.S., Bayewu A.  & Fatoye O.E

​    2022 Edition - Vol. 13 No. 4                                                    

An Approach to Modelling a Highly Flexible Fully Bayesian Analysis of Survival Data

Juliana I. Consul, Bunakiye Richard Japheth & Joseph A. Erho

Predicting NYSC Mobilization Period Using ARIMA Model

Ajayi, Olusola O., Adegbite, Adewuyi A., Zidah, John I., Akinrolabu, Olatunde D. & Obi, Ebuka D.

Cloud Computing Adoption and Use: A Systematic Review

Atuluku, A.R, Osang, F.B. & Adebiyi, A. A.

Purchase Decision on Products Advertised on Facebook: Insights from Social Impact Theory

Ogunsola K. (Ph.D.)  &  Mohammed, S.B.

​    2022 Edition - Vol. 13 No. 3                                                    

Towards An Enhanced Smartphone Security Using Distributed Ledger Technology (Blockchain)

Esther S. Alu., Muhammad U. Ogah & Awal J. Yakubu.

A Review of Some Selected Swarm Intelligence Algorithms for Breast Cancer Diagnosis

Lala, O.G., Onamade, A.A.,  Oduwole, O.A., Nwamadi, C.E. & & Olabiyisi, O.O.

Utilization of Microsoft Office Applications and Competency of Secretaries In Tertiary Institutions In Nigeria:  Pre And Post Covid-19 Pandemic Perspectives (Federal Polytechnic, Ilaro Under Study)

Fakorede, David Lukman & Oguntayo, Omotayo Oluwatoyin

Application of Full Automation as an Additional Tool for Effective Payment of Salaries of Civil Servants of Federal Government of Nigeria

Onwodi, G.

​              2022  - Vol. 13 No. 2​                                                   


Decentralized AI And Blockchain For Secured Health Record Information System.

Musa, M.O., Murphy, B.B. & Fajemiseye, P.B.


Towards Developing a 4-Level Authentication Method for Securing ATM Cards

Onamade, A.A., Bambi, B.J & Jenyo, I. 


Credit Card Fraud Detection Using Voter Ensemble Technique (VET)

Adepegba, O. A., Akinboro, S.A., Olabiyisi, S.O., Lala, O.G.,  Onamade, A.A. & Aroyehun, A.A


Design and Implementation of an IoT-Based Smart Door Security System

Olukumoro S. O., Otapo A.T., Saliu L. A,  Oyerinde O. E. & Otunubi V.A.

An Electronic Website for Viewing Products in 3- Dimensions

Aweh O., Asuk, F.F. & Olumo, A.F.

Blockchain-Based Smart Contract Model For Corporate Governance In Business Process Management (BPM) System

Enyindah, O. & Ahubele, B.O. 

Trust Management in a Friend-to-Friend Network

Aderibigbe, O.S.


​              2022 - Vol. 13 No. 1   March, 2022                              

An Assessment of the Use of Social Media Platforms for Online/Virtual Learning Activities During the COVID-19 Pandemic Lockdown

Olugbenro, Solomon Olusegun  &  Lucas B. Ojo (PhD)


Wireless Local Area Networks (LANs) Security

Sarumi J.A. (PhD), Danso, J. & Odame, F.A. 


Time Series Analysis of Egg Prices Across Nigeria for Sustainable Food Security

Waidor, Tamaramiebi K. & Akpojaro, Jackson


Mentoring and Women’s Advancement to Leadership in the Information Technology Field: A Qualitative Case Study

Marcia V. Reid


Internet Of Things: Technologies, Applications and Challenges

Abdulsalami B.A., Atoba M. A., Murainah A.O.  & Bello J.


​              2021 Series Vol. 12 No. 1 ​                                                         

Performance Evaluation of Supervised Ensemble Cyber Situation Perception Models for Computer Network

Olofintuyi, S.S. & Omotehinwa, T.O.

Smile Prediction from Facial Images Using Convolutional Neural Network (CNN)

 Ojo, A.I.

Title Extraction From Research Papers In A Digital Library

Ovye John Abari & Haruna Abdu

A Survey of Recent Query Optimization Techniques – A Real Time Sensor Databases Perspective

Enyindah, P., Onyejegbu, L.N. PhD & Onuodu, F.E. PhD

Fraud Detection in Customers’ Electricity Consumption in Nigeria Using Support Vector Machine and C4.5 Decision Tree Algorithms

Sarumi, J.A. PhD

Information Needs and Information Seeking Behaviour of Lecturers in the School Of Sciences, Imo State Polytechnic

Edom, E.U. (PHD, CLN, AWLIN) & Ibegbulam, K. (PhD )

Predictive Pharmacy Management System Using Machine Learning Algorithm

Osang, F. B., Nebath, M.G., Oyewande, O.V., Oluyide, O. P. & Garki, F.S.

Examining Mobile Services Adoption Indicators For Legislative Functions: A Nigerian Legislators’ Perspective

Osang, F. B., Aliyu, A.B., Oyewande, O.V., Oluyide, O. P. & Garki, F.S.

An Optimized Parallel Hybrid Architecture for Cryptocurrency Mining

Allenotor, D. & Oyemade, D. A.

​              2020 Series Vol. 11                                                     

Architectural Framework for Development of Generic Application for Candidates Admission Eligibility Clearance for Tertiary Institutions in Nigeria.

Igbape, E.M. & Oduntan, E.B

Evolution of Mobile Cellular Network Communication Infrastructure: a Literature Perusal  

Nzadon, D. T.& Aweh, O.M.

A Multi-Purpose Student Identity Card Using A Two Dimensional Quick Response Code (2D QR Code)

Ikuomola A. J & Eyiaro A. O.


Structural Approach and Application Scenario in Multiple Biometrics System

Aranuwa, F.O.

Data Mining Approach to Counterterrorism

Uche, S.O.,  Tsopze, N. & Ebem, D.U.

An Email Classification Model for Detecting Advance Fee Fraud: A Conceptual Approach

Oyegoke, T.O., Amoo, A.O., Aderounmu, G.A. & Adagunodo, E.R.

Development of an On-Line Spatial Road Offence Monitoring System

Omodunbi, T.O., Egejuru, N.C. & Idowu, P.A.

A Review on Anomaly Detection and Classification In Students’ Assessment Dataset

Ukoba J.O , Ochei C.L & Okengwu U.A

A Review of Wireless Agent Systems and Architecture

Ezea, I. L.

A Model for Analyzing the Impact of High-Frequency Trading Latency On Market Quality

Ebono, F.; Ogunsakin, R.. & Ochei, L.C.


An Efficient Technique for Text Extraction with Self Organizing Property in Big Data

Bennett, E.O., Elujekor, V. & Taylor, O.E.

Dept of Computer Science,

Rivers State University, Port Harcourt, Nigeria

Deployment of ICT Tools for Higher Institution Administration: The Case of Auchi Polytechnic, Auchi, Nigeria

Oduntan, E.B. & Aliu, O.H.

Department of Computer Science, Auchi Polytechnic, Auchi, Nigeria

Image Processing and Supervised Learning for Efficient Detection of Animal Diseases

Jackson Akpojaro & Rotimi-Williams Bello

Depat of Mathematical Sciences, University of Africa, Toru-Orua, Nigeria. 

A Theoretical Framework for Analysing the Influence of Customers Behavioural Intention to Adopt Mobile Banking Apps in Nigeria

Wobidi, E. & Ochei, L.C.

Dept of Computer Science, University of Port Harcourt, Choba, Nigeria.

Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen, Scotland, United Kingdom

Using Technology for Teaching and Learning in Nigeria: A Case Study of OpenSchool Nigeria Project

Nura, T.A., Ibrahim, M.I.  & Najeeb A.A Gambo

​Comparative Analysis of Scheduling Algorithms in Cloud Computing Environment

Ayorinde I. T. &  Daniel A. A.

Department of Computer Science, University of Ibadan, Ibadan, Nigeria.

Implementation of SKONI-Hybrid Intrusion Detection System to Mitigate Network Attacks

Konyeha, S. & Onibere, E.A.

Automated Fuzzy Detection System for Efficient Pedestrian Detection in Traffic Areas

Ibrahim M.A. & Adigun A.A.


Evaluation of Adaptability Level of Similar Functional Object-Oriented Software

Udo, E.N, Usip, P.U & Dan, E.A.

Fingerprint based Identity Authentication for Students Attendance and Examinations in Educational Institutions

Konyeha, S. & Allenotor, D.

A Conceptual Framework for Designing Hologram-Based Education Systems

Olebara, C.C.

Situational Awareness of Deepfake Technology

Olebara Comfort Chinaza

Implementation of Cybersecurity Risk Theory and Model in Healthcare

Folorunsho, O.S., Ayinde, A.Q., Olagoke, M.A. & Fatoye, O.E.

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Authors should use APA Referencing style. Paragraphs should be separated by spaces and be in block form - no indents. Article Title, Name of Authors, Affiliations, E-mail address and Phone Numbers should be at the beginning of each paper and centralized. Co-authors must be informed by the lead author for all submissions carrying multiple authors.  Simultaneous submission of same article to other journals, conferences or outlets are not allowed. It is the responsibility of lead authors to ensure that all co-authors listed on a submission contribute substantially to the work under review and to inform them of submission(s) bearing their names. The Journal will not entertain withdrawal of papers after being published except in extreme cases. The decision on same is exclusively that of the Editorial Board and penalties/sanctions  may be applied to erring authors as determined by the Editorial Board


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​Prof. Stella C. Chiemeke

Senior Affiliate Research Fellow (ICITD)

Southern University, Baton Rouge, LA, USA

Professor of Computer Science

University of Benin

Benin City, Nigeria


Managing Editor

Dr. Paul Asante Danquah

Council for Scientific & Industrial Research

Accra, Ghana

Acquisition Editor

Prof. Longe Olumide Babatope

Distinguished Fulbright Fellow (ICITD)

Chair - Information Systems Programme

American University of Nigeria, Yola.




​Irene Attachie (RN) 


University of Health & Allied Science

Ho, Volta Region, Ghana

Prof.  Victor Mbarika

East Carolina University 

North Carolina, USA

Prof. Ime Obot

King Fahd University

Saudi Arabia

Dr. Azeez Nureni Ayofe 
University of  Lagos 
Akoka, Lagos, Nigeria

Bojaji Adefolarin MSc, ZCP

Purdue University

Indianapolis, USA.


Dr. Ojeniyi Joseph

Federal University of Technology

Minna, Nigeria

Prof. Emmanuel Ojo Ademola

Centre for Citizenship and Leadership Galaxy

London, United Kingdom


​Prof Richard Boateng

University of Ghana

Legon, Accra, Ghana

Dr. Abel Usoro

University of the West of Scotland

Paisley​​​​​​​​, Scotland

Prof. Rakshit Sandip

American University of Nigeria

Yola, Nigeria

Prof Princely Ifinedo

Brock University

St. Catherines, Canada

The Society for Multidisciplinary & Advanced Research Techniques (SMART)  & Other Institutional Partners


The Society for Multidisciplinary & Advanced Research Techniques (SMART) in collaboration with ICITD, USA and other collaborating institutional partners sets up the Computing, Information Systems & Development Informatics Journal as a medium for reporting research and collaborative efforts that globally address the multi-prong challenges of Africa and other parts of the world  through ICT-based solutions which have contextual and cultural relevances. We seek to increase the influence of IT and Allied professionals among decision-makers in Africa by using collaboration and mentoring as viable tools for promoting informed policy on national and international ICT issues. Our membership cuts across academics, scientists, engineers, professionals, and businesses in the information technology and allied professions. Organizations and individuals who share a common interest in enabling Africa to participate as knowledge producers and not just knowledge consumers in today’s information age are welcome to join the society.

The collaborations aims to provide a forum for interaction and knowledge sharing in the teaching, research and practice of ICT for Development in Africa.

To establish a global network of academics and practitioners who will participate as producers of knowledge on the teaching, research and practice of ICT for Development in Africa.

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Indexing & Impact Factor

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 VOL 10 No. 4 , 2019 Edition                                    


A Computational Modelling Of Yorùbá Numerals In A Text-To-Text Format

Agbeyangi, A.O., Eludiora, S.I. & Olorunlomerue, A.B.

Empirical Comparative Study Of Selected Data Mining Classification Algorithms

V.A Olutayo, PhD

A Forecourt Operations Management System for Oil Marketing Companies: The Ghanaian Context

Paul Danquah, Dzifa Bibi & Bismark Dzahene-Quarshie

Intellectual Impact Of Mobile Educational Games On Secondary School Education In Nigeria: Case Study Of Government Girls' Secondary School Makurdi.

Yugh, Sandra Mlumun, Deborah U. Ebem & Onyianta John Chiedozie.

Hygiene Practices in Food Handling: Pertinent to Healthy Living (A study of Fast Food Outfits)

Ogbonna, C.O.

Towards a Framework for Adopting Thermal Imaging Systems for Counter-Terrorism in North Eastern Nigeria

Ismail, T.I., Okunoye, A.A., Chiemeke, S.C. & Longe, O.B.

Code Generation Techniques in Compiler Design: Conceptual and Structural Review

Kaka, O.A,  Ayeni, A.G & Johnson, O. A

 VOL 10 No. 3 ,  2019 Edition                                    


Reduction In High Rate Of Packet Drop In Reverse Adhoc On-Demand Distance Vector Routing Protocol Under Wormhole Attack In Mobile Adhoc Networks

Ojo, Adebola K. & Akinnifesi, Akintunde S. 10.22624/AIMS/CISDI/V10N3P1 - .........

Design and Implementation of E-Voting System for Student Union Election in Emmanuel Alayande College of Education, Oyo

Ayoade, O.B. & Adegoke, T.B 10.22624/AIMS/CISDI/V10N3P2 - .........

Secure Intranet Result System for Processing Students’ Result in Nigerian Colleges of Education

Ayoade, O.B. & Adegoke, T.B 10.22624/AIMS/CISDI/V10N3P3 - .........

Development of a Robust Interactive Online Result Processing and Management System: A Case study of Osun State College of Technology, Esa-Oke, Nigeria

Oyeniran, O. R. &  Oladosu, J. A.


​Development  of  Expert System  for Troubleshooting  and Repair of Techno P3 Android Smartphone

Sodiq,K.A., Adebari  F.A., Saliu  L.A. , Otapo A.T.  & Otunubi V.A.

Development of a Global Positioning System- Based Location Tracking System for Yaba College of Technology, Lagos, Nigeria

Rufai, M., Sodiq  K.A. , Lawal O.L.  , Okikiola F.M. & Onadokun I.O.

SMART-CEVA: A Real Time Implementation of a Smart Campus Evaluator and Analytic Technique based on a Hybridized Consensus Mining Algorithm

Taylor, O.E., Asagba, P.O. & Eke, B.O.


An Empirical Evaluation of Information Technology related Disaster Recovery Readiness in Ghanaian Universities.

Jojo Desmond Lartey, Paul Asante Danquah & James Anani Amezi


An Improved Hybrid System for The Prediction of Debit and Credit Card Fraud

Nwogu E. R., Nwachukwu, E. O. & Ejiofor, V.E. 

Adaptive Data Mining and Intelligent Agent Framework for Credit Card Fraud Detection

Nwabrije L.E &  Anireh V.I.E

​​​  VOL 10 No. 2.  2019 Edition                                    


The Future of Enterprise Systems in Africa: Bleak or Bright?

Ebem, D.U., Ebem C.C & Onyianta, J.O.


Testing the Technology Utilization, Satisfaction and Performance (TUSPEM) Model in a Mandatory Usage Environment

Osang, F.B. & Mbarika, V.W.


An Intelligent System for Cybercrime Detection and Control

David, D.C., Anireh, V.I.E & Matthias, D.


Credit Card Fraud Detection System Using Bayesian Network

Nwanyanwu, M. & Anireh, V.I.E


A Data Mining Framework for Improving Agricultural Production in Nigeria

Akpojaro, Jackson &  1Waidor, Tamaramiebi K.


Development of  Biometric- Based  Crime Investigation System  for the Nigeria Police Force, Ipaja, Lagos State, Nigeria

Sodiq,  K.A., Lawal, O.L., Okikiola, F.M., Saliu, L.A. &  Otapo, A.T.

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