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Introducing the HUMANITIES Journal 

​​The Humanities, Management, Arts, Education & The Social Sciences (HUMANITIES) journal  publishes original articles and in particular, extended papers that are within its scope from papers presented at the International Multidisciplinary  Conference on Science, Technology, Education, Arts, Management and the Social Sciences (iSTEAMS  Series). It remains the official Journal Publication of the Society for Multidisciplinary & Advance Research Techniques (SMART).


The HUMANITIES Journal brings a distinctive international multidisciplinary perspective on humanities  and humanities related research from a medical/scientific perspective as well as theories, issues, frameworks and practice at the nexus of the various subject domains within its scope. ​​Short communications/reviews on arts, education, management, policy research that seeks to employ established (and proposed) educational, humanities and social frameworks to support the achievement of sustainable goals are welcomed. Case studies are also particularly encouraged. Click HERE to access the Paper submission instructions. 


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  Vol 9. No  2021 Series                              

Financial Structure and Economic Performance in Nigeria: Evidence from Bank View Approach

Afonja, J.A., Ajala, O.A.  & Adesanya, T.A.

The Polytechnic, Ibadan, Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria.        


Working Environment and Its Influence On Employees Performance (A Study of First Banks in Asaba Metropolis)

Agbor, S., Ogheneochuko, E. & Egwunyenga, E.

Delta State Polytechniuc, Ogwashi-Uku, Delta State, Nigeria

  Vol 8. No  2020 Series                              

Assessing The Efficacy of Mediation as a Form of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Mechanism in Nigeria

Fagbemi, S. A.


Climate Change Education for Sustainable Development in the 21st Century

Uba, J.U., Udumo, B.O. (PhD), Emmanuel, E.C., & Addo, D.E.


Managing Receivables and Payables in Economic Recession: The Nigeria Perspective

Uchehara, C.C. & Udofia, I.E.

An Assessment of Issues and Challenges With Transportation Management in Uyo Metropolis, Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria

Ibanga, I.J, Mboutidem, E.S. & Ibanga, J.I.

Management of Basic Schools in Nigeria: A call for School Consultantship

Bambi, B.I.

Human Capital Management and Sustainable Development of Social Enterprise

Agbor Stephen & Ogana Michael

  Vol 7. No  4,  December, 2019                


Organizational Change and Improved Performance: The Role of Transformational Leadership

Ekpen T. Owie, Ph.D.

The Great October Revolution Political Construct, Challenges of Women in Contemporary Russian Politics

Akin Ademuyiwa, PhD & Mathew Taiwo, M.A

International Financial Reporting Standards (Ifrs) Adoptionandperformance Of Money Deposit Banks In Nigeria

Ademola, Emmanuel A. &  Ajao, Chukwudumebi Cynthia


Reinvigorating the Hotel Sector for Sustainable Tourism and Socio-Economic Development in Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria

Nsisong C. Ekong, 1Augustine M. Imikan, 1Anietie E. Udo, 1Isaac J. Ibanga


The Elite Theory: A Case Study of Nigeria Ruling Class


Mbagwu, J .U.  PhD

Impact of Mass Media as a Strategy for Environmental Literacy on Forest Management in Southern Cross River State, Nigeria

Udumo, B.O., Andong, H.A.,  Uba, J.U. & Odumegwu, K.P.


  Vol 7. No  3,  September, 2019                


Tracking Women Empowerment: Marital Communication and Participation in Family Decision-making among Married Women Farmers in Ibadan, Nigeria

Ibrahim, F.M.

Article DOI:


A Panel Data Analysis of Entrepreneurial Orientation and Efficiency in Nigerian Banking Sector

​Brimah, A.B., Adeyemi, K.S. & Brimah, A.N.

Article DOI:

National Culture and Adoption of Innovation: Implications for Innovators

Kamaluddeen-Aiyelabegan, H.K

Article DOI:

Conflicts of Interest: Effects of In-Vehicle Distractions on Driver Performance


Article DOI:

Adventist Culture in Africa

Ayanlowo, O.B. PhD

Article DOI:


Technology Renaissance for Innovation and Productivity: Perspectives from Art and Design

Seyi-Gbangbayau, Paul Sonayon & Omoniyi, Oluwaseun Gideon

Article DOI:

Ending the Unending Biafra Agitation: Transitional Justice

Mbagwu, Joan .U.  PhD

Department of Criminology, Security Peace and Conflict Studies, Caleb University,  Lagos, Nigeria


  Vol 7. No  2,  June, 2019                

Sales Promotion and Consumers’ Purchase Decision in the Beverage Industry in Nigeria

Agbi, B. D. (Ph.D), Lawal, K.A.A (Ph.D) & Ajibola, A.B.

Article DOI:

The Role of Financial Inclusion in Promoting Financial Literacy in Nigeria

Abdulkareem K.K. Hauwah

Article DOI:


Yoruba Language and Continuity in the 21st Century

Ayanlowo, O.B. PhD

Article DOI:

The  Society for Multidisciplinary &  Advanced Research Techniques in Africa 


The Society for Multidisciplinary & Advanced Research Techniques in Africa is a forum for addressing the multi-prong challenges that faces Africa and that the world faces today through multidisciplinary, interdisciplinary and inter-tertiary research collaborations.


We seek to increase the influence of multidisciplinary research in Africa through broad-based technology and science  driven education that leverages on several streams of learning and research as conduits for knowledge dissemination and skills production. The society also offers a platform for academic and research mentoring, incubation and allied initiatives among professionals by using collaboration and mentoring as viable tools for promoting informed policy on national and international multi-throng research and development issues. Our membership cuts across educators, social scientists academics, scientists, artists, scholars in the humanities, arts, behavioural sciences and other professionals. Organizations and individuals who share a common interest in enabling Africa to participate as knowledge producers and not just knowledge consumers in today’s information age are welcome to join the society.

SMART aims to provide a forum for interaction and knowledge sharing in the teaching, research and practice of Multidisciplinary Research in Africa.

To establish a global network of academics and practitioners who will participate as producers of knowledge on the teaching, research and practice of Multidisciplinary Research  in Africa.

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