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The Journal of Digital Innovations & Contemporary Research in Science, Engineering & Technology brings a distinctive multidisciplinary flavor to research and innovations in Science, Engineering & Technology driven by ubiquitous digital mobile and web based technologies.  It is one of the Advances in Multidisciplinary & Scientific Research Publication Series. The Journal promotes and accepts research articles, technical papers, short communications, work in progress and position papers.  It also publishes extended versions of papers presented during the International Multidisciplinary (iSTEAMS) Conferences in collaboration with the International Centre for IT & Development, ICITD, USA  and other conferences disseminating cutting edge research content that fits within the scope of the Journal. Original papers are also welcomed from Authors via



Prof. Okunoye A. A

O'Connor Professor of MIS

Xavier University

Cincinati, Ohio, USA


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Dr. Paul Asante Danquah

Council for Industrial & Scientific Research

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University of Ilorin

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Purdue University, Indianapolis, USA.


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Centre for Citizenship and Leadership Galaxy

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  Current issue  - Vol 9. No 2,  2021 Series          

Ogodo Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) Generation, Exploitation and Technology Transfer (TT): Policies and Strategic Concept of Actual Ownership and Legal Considerations

Ogodo, A.D. (Snr.) Chartered Chemist

An Android-Based Image Steganography System for Concealing Data and Information Transmission Using Adaptive Image Steganography

Sarumi, J.A. (PhD)

  Current issue  - Vol 9. No 1,  2021 Series          

On the Development of Neuro-Fuzzy Expert System for Detection Leghemoglobin (NFESDL) in Legumes

Yerokun, O.M. & Onyesolu, M.O

Towards The Evaluation of the Effect of Desire for Smart Phone Usage Among Socio-Economically Disadvantaged Youth in North-Eastern Nigeria

Bassey, D.D., Adegbenro, D.R. & Longe, O.B.

An application of Countermeasures to Protect a Potential Vulnerable Infrastructure

Ademola, E.O.

Pixilated Digit Recognition System Using Support Vector Machine and Logistic Regression Classifiers

Nwile, B. N., Bennett, E. O. &  Nwaibu, N. D.

Risk Factor Assessments and Development of Predictive Model for Volatile Organic Compounds Emission in Petrol Stations in Nigeria

Ajayeoba, A.O., Fajobi, M.O., Raheem, W.A., Adebiyi, K.A.  Olayinka, M.D. & Farinu, T.P

A Systematic Review of Existing Crude Oil Pipeline Monitoring Technologies

Giadom, V. L., Eke, B. O. PhD & Ogheneovo, E.E. PhD

   Vol 8. No 2,  2020 Series                              

On The Development of a System for Land Acquisition and Verification

Arinze, C.K., Onyesolu, M.O. & Ugoh, D.C.

Department of Computer Science, Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka, Nigeria

Minimizing the Vulnerability of Transmitted Data in Wireless Local Area Networks Using Appropriate Security Protocols

Afolabi S., Bello O. A. & Aweh O.

Automated Examination Timetabling with Genetic Algorithm: Object-Orientation and Other Considerations

Ezike J.O.J. & Uwagbai D.O.

Locally Fabricated Castor Bean Shelling and Winnowing Machine

Osuchukwu, C.L., Anyaoha, B, Obaseki, E., Meremikwu, B, & Unuogu, C.C.

Efficient Multimodal Biometric Authentication System Based on Multilevel Decision Threshold

Aranuwa, F.O.

Matrix Inversion Method Using C++ and Python

Oshinubi, K. Ikpeme, E.J., Daramola, F., Afolabi, A.O., Amao, F.A., Nwaocha, O. V. & Longe, O.B.

Fall Detection Procedures and Their Common Drawbacks – A Review

Akinrotimi, A.O. & Oladele, R.O.

Factors Influencing Job Satisfaction of Librarians in Federal University Libraries in South-East Geo-Political Zone of Nigeria

Edom, E.U., Onuegbu, R.C. & Leo-Ogbonna, N.G.

An Agent Based Smart Environment System for Wireless Surveillance and Intrusion Detection

Ezea, I. L.

Identifying Elements for Applying Learning Instructional in Game Base Design

Tosho, A.

     Vol 8, No 1, 2020  Series                           


An Innovative Strategy for Satisfying Data Integrity Requirement of Electronic Voting System

Adewale, O.S., Boyinbode, O.K. & Salako, E.A.

An Optimization Algorithm For Negotiation Process Using Bayesian Network

Bennett, E.O., Otobo, D.W. & Taylor, O.E.

Path Determination for Message Routing in Computer Networks Using Firefly Algorithm

Adepoju A.O, Lawal O.O &  Osunade.O. Ph.D

Understanding Noise Reduction in Multidimensional documents

Enikuomehin, A.O., Adeseye, I.O, Odugbesan, I., Kanu, O. K. & Sulaiman, A.A.​

Solar Energy as an Alternative Source of Electricity Generation in Nigeria: A Review

Abdullahi, T., Abdulrauf, A., Nura, T.A. & Ibrahim, M.I.

The Use of Dijkstra Algorithm in an Ad-Hoc African Mobile Market to Determine the Optimal Route Selection.

Akingbesote A. O

Predicting Students’ Academic Performance Using Neural Networks

Ezike J.O.J, Adeyiga J.A., Achas M. & Ishalaiye M.O.

A Review On Anomaly Detection and Classification in Students’ Assessment Dataset

Ukoba J.O., Ochei C.L. & Okengwu U.A

     Vol 7. No 4, december, 2019 Series                         

An Intelligent Scheduling Framework in a Factored Operating System Using Deep Machine Learning

Habila, M., Agaji, I &  Blamah, N.V.

Evolution of Mobile Services and Preparedness for the Deployment of Fifth Generation Technologies in Nigeria

Ibrahim Muktar, Nura T. A., Ibrahim Adamu, Umar Abubakar Maina & Ibrahim M. Ibrahim

Design and Implementation of a Smart Parking System

Udofia, K.M, Kalu, C.N & Edet, A.J.

Analyzing the Effect of Petroleum Industry Shocks on the Nigerian Macro-economy

Anietie, J.

Framework for Evaluating  Organizational Readiness in Adopting Big Data for Optimal Performance: The National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS), Nigeria in Perspective

Nwobi, D.C., Okunoye, A.A., Chiemeke, S.C., Ibrahim, M.A. & Longe, O.B.

Towards a Framework for Measuring End-User Intension Towards The Gig Economy System: A Case Study Of Uber.

Faye, W., Longe, E.O., Wada, F.J. & Longe, O.B.


An Ontology for Intra-Campus Transport System (ICTS): A Case Study of the University of Ibadan Campus)

Ayorinde I. T. &  Oyedeji O. A..

Global Citizenship for Safer World

Mbagwu, J.U.

Developing A Secured Interactive Media with A Web Application Using Real-Time Communications Among Organizations

Akintola, A.G, Onawola, R.G. & Onawola, H.J.

Revamping Traditional Markets: Theoretical Framework for Linking Food Vendors to Consumers in Nigeria using Mobile Phones and Mobile Application.

Omodunbi, T., Bolaji, A., Awoyelu, T & Taiwo, K.

Library System and The Polytechnics’ Learning Environment  in A Developing Nation

Obafunmiso, C. K.,   Odunewu, K. O.

A Theoretical Framework for Enhancing Open Distance Learning (ODL) Education

Mughele, E.S., Konyeha, S. & Onwodi, G.O.


​​​​     Vol 7. No 3, september, 2019 Series                       


A Roadmap to a Nigeria Digital Knowledge Economy: Trends and Implications

Oghorodi,  D., Okpako, A.E. & Ako, R.

Analysis of Traffic Congestion On Major Urban Roads in Nigeria

Ajala, Abdul-Rahman T.


Availability and Utilization of Instructional Facilities in Teaching and Learning Office Technology and Management Courses in Polytechnics in Kwara State, Nigeria

Asimegbe, G. O., Iyiola, M. A. & Imman, R. O.

Artificial Neural Network Signal Routing Model: An Effective Solution to Telecommunication Networks Problems

Ezekwe, C.G & Ugwu, E.A.

Design and Implementation of Location Tracking System for an Android Operating System

Okezie, O.N & Anireh, V.I.E

Globalization, Africa and the International Economic Order

Ayanlowo, O. B &  Adeleke, O.D


Effects of Fermentation on Proximate and Anti-Nutritional Factors of Ogi Solid Waste.

​Ajayeoba, T.A., Fagbewesa, I., Adeosun, I.J., Ogunbiyi, O.C., Kaka, M & Olopade, T.R.

Department of Microbiology, Faculty of Science, Adeleke University, Ede

The Inglorious Link Between Cancer and Agrochemicals a Systematic Review

​Ajibade O.A., Ike F. & Oyawoye O.M.

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