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Prof. Stella C. Chiemeke

Senior Affiliate Research Fellow (ICITD), Southern University, USA

Professor of Computer Science

University of Benin

Benin City, Nigeria


E-mail all inquiries and paper submissions to info@isteams


ISSN - 2488-8699

Computing, Information Systems

& Development Informatics Journal

An International Pan-African, Institution and Society Based Multidisciplinary Journal  Published  by  

The  Society  for  Multidisciplinary & Advanced Research Techniques (SMART)

in Collaboration  with  the  African  Society for Information & Communication Technology

The Institute  for  Development  Informatics  &   Policy   (AIDIP),  Accra,   Ghana  

& The International Centre for Info Tech.  &  Development, Southern University,  Baton  Rouge,  Louisiana  USA

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International Centre for IT & Development 

Southern University

Baton Rouge, LA,  USA 70813

A Study of Learning Stakeholders’ Usage and Continuous Intention in Using e-Learning Innovations in Teaching-Learning Activities: A case study of Nigeria Universities

Osubor, V. O. & Chiemeke, S. C.

A Contemporary Review of major developments of Social Issues in Management Thought and Theories

Ademola E.O.& Adeniji O.A

Sustainable Aircraft Maintenance Hangar: Imperative to the Nigerian Aviation Industry

Olaniyi, T. K.


An Exploratory Research on the Regularity of Content Updates in Selected Nigeria websites

Salami, A.

Security Issues in the Internet of Things

Odulaja Godwin Oluseyi, Awodele Oludele, Kuyoro Shade & Omilabu A.A

Sustainable Development of Entrepreneurial Skills: Imperative for Aviation Training and Development in the Emerging Nigerian Economy

Olaniyi, T. K.


A Quantification of link Average Throughput Performance in HSDPA and HSUPA by Field Measurement

Joseph Isabona & Odion Ebhomien Andrew

Usability And Accessibility Enrichment E- Mail Application System for the Visually Impaired

Omowunmi.O Adeyemo, Samuel.T Oladosu & Babatunde Sanyerr

Students’ Attitudes towards Wait Times in Students’ Health Centers – The Case for Pseudo Aggravated Sicknesses

Ajibike O Itegboje PhD & Luria Young PhD & Olumide Longe PhD

Adapting High Probability Algorithms for Filtering Advance Fee Fraud E-Mails Using the Concept of Data Locality

Okesola, J.O., Ojo, F.O. & Longe, O.B.

Computer Based Testing (CBT): An Assessment of Student Perception of JAMB UTME in Nigeria

A. A. Sanni & M. F. Mohammad

A Trend Analysis of Boko Haram Insurgent and Computer Generated Intelligence in Counter-Insurgency in North East Nigeria

Ajike, C.A.

Improving The Security of Point of Sale Terminal Transactions Using Mobile Phone Embedded Authentication

Adedayo, O.S.  & Bolaji, A.A.

A Rainfall Predictor Based on Fuzzy Inference Model

Ugwu, C., Ejiofor, C.I. &  Nwosu. E.H

Development of an Electronic Diary Application for Windows Smartphones

Ibrahim A. Adeyanju, Oluwaseun O. Alo and Adedoyin O. Aderibigbe

Specific Absorption Rate and Temperature rise Computation in Human Tissues due to Electromagnetic Field emission from Mobile Phones at 900 MHz and 1800 MHz

K. Obahiagbon  & J. Isabona

Software Visualization Approach for Monitoring Election Trends In Nigeria

Olagunju, M. Ph.D, Ayesimi, Y.M  PhD  & Abdullahi A.B

Internet Security vs. Privacy: The Greater Monster

Osika, A. N. & Ekuobase, G.O.

Neuro-Fuzzy Framework for Finding Clinical Trials in the Drug Discovery Process

Oladele T. O., Williams F. E. & Sadiku J. S. 

Automatic Phone Number Extraction System from Scanned Documents Using Finite State Automata

Ameen A. O., Ibiyemi T. S, Olubaji S. O, Awotunde J. B & Olagunju M

Design and Implementation of Ayo Olopon Game

Babatunde, A.N.,  Abikoye, O.C., Mabayoje, M.A., Akintola, G.A. & Oderemi, C.

Adhoc Code Inspection Versus Checklist-Based Code Inspection: An Empirical Evaluation

Oladele, R. O., Adedayo, H. O.  & Oladele, O. T.

An Enhanced Congestion Control System for Mobile Operation

Egwali, A. O. &  Ukaoha, K. C.            

Modeling Architecture for Multimedia Data Warehouse to Support Decision-Making Processes in Industries

Elusoji, A.A (PhD), Aiyegbusi A.E & Akeredolu, G.R


A Reputation Based fuzzy logic Framework for Virtual Enrolment in Grid Computing Environments

Olusanya, O.O., Olaojoyetan M.C., Longe, O.B & Adeyemi, A.S.

Comparative Analysis of PHP and Java Programming Languages for  a  Semantic Filtering System

Adigun, A.A., Osofisan, A.O. & Longe, O, B

Towards A Mobile Drugs Authentication System For Nigerian Users

Ukaoha, K. C.,  Dim, C. N., & Daodu, S. S.

Optimal Design of Communication Networks with Memetic Algorithm

R. O. Oladele & H. A. Sanusi

A Review of Cryptography in Wireless Sensor Networks

Opara, C.

A Match-Making Agent Recommender Algorithm  for  Web based Human Resource Recruitment System

Akanbi C.O. & Akanbi  B. E

The Detection of Phishing Adopting Modified Sift Algorithm

Babatunde, A.O. & Agboola, O.N.

Mathematical Models for Lassa Fever Transmission With Control Strategies

Omale D & Edibo Thomas E

AN Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy Inference System (ANFIS) Model to Good Financial Saving Habit

Amadin, F. I & Obi, J.C.

An Improved Recommender Learning Styles for Distance Learners Based On Decision Tree Approach

Ugwu, Chidiebere &  Ochiama, Grace

A Network Intrusion Detection System: Enhanced Classification via Clustering Model.

Balogun, A. O., Balogun, A. M., Adeyemo, V. E. & Sadiku, P. O.

Job Opportunity Factors Analysis Using Decision Tree Algorithms

Ganiyu, I.A & Awoyelu, I.O.

A Review of Soft Computing Techniques for analysis of Spatial, Temporal and Spatio-Temporal Databases

Adeyemo A.B. & Adegun A. A

The Society for Multidisciplinary & Advanced Research Tchniques (SMART)  and The African Society for Information and Communication Technology (ASICT

& Other Institutional Partners


The Society for Multidisciplinary & Advanced Research techniques (SMART), The African Society for ICTs (ASICT) and other collaborating institutional partners sets up the Computing, Information Systems & Development Informatics Journal as a medium for reporting research and collaborative efforts that globally address the multi-prong challenges of Africa and other parts of the world  through ICT-based solutions which have contextual and cultural relevances. We seek to increase the influence of IT and Allied professionals among decision-makers in Africa by using collaboration and mentoring as viable tools for promoting informed policy on national and international ICT issues. Our membership cuts across academics, scientists, engineers, professionals, and businesses in the information technology and allied professions. Organizations and individuals who share a common interest in enabling Africa to participate as knowledge producers and not just knowledge consumers in today’s information age are welcome to join the society.

The collaborations aims to provide a forum for interaction and knowledge sharing in the teaching, research and practice of ICT for Development in Africa.

To establish a global network of academics and practitioners who will participate as producers of knowledge on the teaching, research and practice of ICT for Development in Africa.

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Published by The Creative Research Networks

for the Systems, Multidisciplinary & Advanced Research Techniques Interest Group .

Int Centre for Information Technology & Development

Southern University, Baton Rouge, LA, USA

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