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Archive - Vol 6.  2018  Series 

ISSN: 2488-8699

An AIMS Research Journal Publication Series Publishing Research & Academic Contents in All Fields of  Pure & Applied Sciences, Environmental Sciences, Educational Technology, Science  & Vocational Education, Engineering & Technology 

ISSN - 2488-8699

 Vol 6.  No. 1. 2018                                              


A Secured Fingerprint Biometric Technique for Curbing Problem of Examination Impersonation

E.A. Salako

T2-TRACMIS – A Type 2 Fuzzy Logic Traffic Management Information System for the Coordination of Vehicular Traffic

V.I.E Anireh & S.B. Nnaa

Development of a Fingerprint Based SIM Registration System for GSM Subscribers in Nigeria

 O.M. Olaniyan, F. Iluobe,  E. Adebimpe & A. Oloyede

The Effect of Variable Size Order Hierarchical Temporal Memory on Short-Term Load Forecasting

V.I.E Anireh & E.N. Osegi

Goals and Objectives of Mathematics Instruction

F.U Ofonime, U.U. Esuong & O.I. Enyekeme

AKSU-Netbands: An Adaptive Bandwidth Utilization And Monitoring System

J.W. Frank, G.O. Ansa & A.C Akpanobong

Effect of Mnemonics Instructional Strategies (MIS) On Students’ Academic Performance In Chemistry And Physics.

J.E. Ntibi & H.A. Neji 

Improving Students Achievement in Chemistry and Physics Classes Using Activity-Based Approach

J.E. Ntibi & H.A. Neji

Comparison of Fuzzy Logic and Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) Effectiveness as Engines for The Development of Intelligent Medical Diagnostic Systems

S.O. Ohwo

A Case for Art in Technology in Nigeria: A Need for the Intervention of International Organisations, Non-Governmental Organizations, and Relevant Professional Bodies.

Osamudiamen O. Ikponmwosa

Car Park Allocation System for Short-Stayed Frequently Visited Sites Using Content Retrieval Based Database Probing

A.O. Enikuomehin & S. Mukoro

Teachers’ Performance Evaluation using a Learning Analytic Toolkit

A.E. Ijalana & N.C. Ashioba

Multi-Document Text Summarization Using Sequential And Adjacency Information Model.

O.P. Akomolafe & Mustapha Abdulqadir

Integrating Digital Technology to Teaching and Learning in Nigerian Higher Education: Procedures, Benefits and Challenges

O.B. Ayoade

Moore’s Law and Future Technology

Chiadika Mario & Nwabudike Austine

Development of an online NYSC Orientation Camp Information System

J. O. Ogala & N. C. Ashioba

Electronic, Magnetic, and Mechanical Properties of New Half-Heusler NiZrSi Compound:

A First-Principles Study

Osafile E. Omosede & Enaibe A. Edison


Text Mining Identification and Detection Using the Exact String Matching Algorithm: A Comparative Analysis


A.A. Ojugo  & D. Allenotor

A Cost Framework for the Valuation of Right of Way of Telecommunications Infrastructure in Nigeria

S.A. Ehikioya


Modeling the University Examination Schedule: A Comparative Study

A.A. Ojugo & D. Allenotor

 Vol 6.  No. 4. 2018                                                  


A Review of Anomaly Detection Techniques for Intrusion Detection

​Adedibu, O  & Adeshipo, M.E.

Article DOI:


Evaluation of Automated Metering With Flexible Management and Monitoring System

Edemirukaye Ukeh Orodje & Apeh Simon T.

Article DOI:


A simulated comparison of performance beyond inherent metrics for Open   Shortest Path First (OSPF) and Exterior Gateway Routing Protocol (EIGRP)

Paul Danquah (Ph.D), Victor Gordon & Benjamin Peh

Article DOI:

A Hybrid Agent-Based Network Monitoring Tool

O.E. Taylor, & O.M. Ata-ebirieng

Article DOI:

Role of Working Memory in Eliciting Users Cognitive Requirements

G.O Aziken, F.A. Egbokhare & D.E. Akpon-Ebiyomare

Article DOI:

A Model for Predicting Customer Value Towards Upselling In Medium and Large Scale Businesses (MLBs)

Adeyemo, O.A. & Akinselure, A.

Article DOI:

Creating A Refractive Error Plan

Dania, Afe Victor (OD., MPH)

Article DOI:

Comparative Analysis of e-Assessment Platforms: Implications for E-examination Administration in Developing Countries

Osang, Francis Bukie (PhD)

Article DOI:

Towards the Development of a Multi-Agent Intrusion Detection System for Distributed Denial of Service Attacks

Nwaocha, V.O. & Oloyede A.O.

Article DOI:

Towards the Development of an Intrusion Detection Framework for Electronic Business in Organizations.

Osun Olufemi A.


 Vol 6.  No. 3. 2018                                                  


An Interactive Mobile Learning System for Financial Institutions

Okereke E. George, Maduka E. Ugochukwu, Nwagwu C. Honour

Enhancing Home Safety Using GSM Technology

Ogunrinola, O.B, Olalere, N.A., Nwosu, E.U. & Babalola, I.T.

Student Performance Prediction Using Randomtree and C4.5 Algorithm

Akinrotimi, Akinyemi Omololu & Aremu, Dayo Reuben

Automobile Accident Reporting and Anti-Theft Stratagem

Ogunrinola O.B., Olalere N.A., Nwosu E.U. & Adebari F.A.

Department of Industrial Maintenance Engineering, Yaba College of Technology, Yaba-Lagos, Nigeria

Structural, Electronic, Mechanical and Thermodynamic Properties of

BX (X = BP, BAs, BSb and BBi) III-V Semiconductor Compounds from First Principles

O. E. Osafile & N. O. Nenuwe

Secure Messaging: Analysis of Signal Protocol Implementation in WhatsApp and Signal

Sajoh, D.I., Atiku, A.U. & Naibi, R.S.

Contextualizing Mobile Learning (MLearning) Characteristics and Associated Platform Attributes

Onwodi, G.

 Vol 6.  No. 2. 2018                                                  

A Proposed Paradigm For E-Commerce Based On Semantic Web Technologies

Sunday, Kissinger, R.G. Jimoh (Phd), Agbo, Friday & Babandi Fatima Shuaibu

E.A. Salako

T2-TRACMIS – A Type 2 Fuzzy Logic Traffic Management Information System for the Coordination of Vehicular Traffic

V.I.E Anireh & S.B. Nnaa

Comparative Evaluation of Symmetric AES & DES Cryptographic Techniques

A.O. Akinrotimi, & R.O. Oladele

Software Developers Approach to Software Testing: The Nigerian Context

Oveh, R.O, Preye P.  & Atenaga M.

Social Media Users Perception on Privacy Issues in a Nigerian University

O. Onifade, M. Olomu, B. F. Ajao, M. Atoyebi & O. Ilevbare

Performance Evaluation and Analysis of Biometric  Workload Attendance Management System

I.R. Idowu & O.D. Adeniji

Off-Line Signature Verification and Forgery Detection System Using Fuzzy Modeling Technique in Forensics investigation.

A.O. Oloyede, B.M. Adeyemi, E.O. Longe, O.J. Olaoye, L.A. Ogunjimi & O.S. Adegunwa

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