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ISSN - 2488-8699

Archive - Vol 5. No 4,  DECEMBER,  2017                                     

Awareness Of Web 2.0 Technologies For Learning Among Undergraduates Of Selected Federal Universities In Southwest Nigeria

P.A. Kolawole (Ph.D) & O.O. Ogunniran,

Perception of Challenges Inherent In The Implementation Of “Assessment For Learning (AfL)” Among Primary School Mathematics Teachers In Calabar Municipality, Cross-River State, Nigeria 

G.O. Edu (PhD), U. Nkpubre & B.A. Oko

Analysis of Unsteady Casson Fluid Flow Past a Semi- infinite Vertical Porous Plate Under the influence of Thermo-diffusion and Diffusion-thermo

B.O. Falodun & S. A. Amoo

Computational Solution for Modeling Rainfall Runoff Using Intelligent Stochastic Model: A Case of Warri in Delta State Nigeria

A.A. Ojugo & I.P. Okobah

Generative Adversarial Network Approach to Game Based Intrusion Detection System

E.A., Ajayi, B.F. Ajayi & Musa, U.

An Optimal Solution in the Intelligent Classification for Gestational Diabetes: A Comparative Analysis of Supervised versus Unsupervised Models

A.A. Ojugo & I.P. Okobah

Public Perceptions on Internet Privacy and Freedom of Expression

J.O. Odumesi & A. Aregbesola

A Survey of Skills and Practices among Software Professionals in the Nigerian Tech Industry

B.A. Muhammad & I.T. Ahmad

A Review on Software Testing

S.O. Akinola  &  F.O. Ibitowa

Implementation of Vehicle Movement Notification and Location Using Global Systems for Mobile and Global Positioning Systems & Web Based Information System

S. Garba

An Online Agent-Based Estate Trading System

Deborah U.Ebem, Asogwa Evangaline, Chinedu C.Ebem & Babatunde Olofin

Towards an Assessment of Customer Satisfaction with Nigerian Mobile Telecoms Industry and Providers

Adeyemo F.S., Mary Daniel & Aghedo. M.

Free Vibration Analysis of Uniform Shear Beam On Winkler Foundation
Titiloye, E.O., Gbadeyan, J. A. & Oshinubi, K. I.

Archive - Vol 5. No 3,  September,  2017                                     


Health Care Management using Data Mining Techniques for Effective Health care Delivery in Nigeria.

Okpalla C.L, Inyiama H.C, Odii J.N, Mbelediogu N.N.& Agbaeze E.


An Expert System for the Classification and Treatment of Common Vaccine Preventable Illnesses

Odigie, B.B, Bernard, O.P. & Chiemeke, S.C.


A Text Mining Tool for Sentiment Analysis of Tweets using Machine Learning Techniques

Adeyemo A. B. and Durodola E. O.

Design and Modelling of Staff Attendance System Using Fingerprint Technology

Badejo A.D, Ayanlowo E.A ., Amao F.A & Phillips S. A.

Deductive Review: Dissimilarities and Similarities of Wired and Wireless Computing Networks

Mmue, F.Y.E & O.P. Noah


Information Technology Infusion Model for Agricultural Sector in Nigeria

Egejuru, N.C., Mhambe, P.D., Balogun, J.A.,  Asahiah, F.O.  & *Idowu, P.A

Archive - Vol 5. No 1, & No 2 March/JUNE,  2017                              

A Framework for Coordinating Usability Engineering and Software Engineering Activities in the Development of Content Management Systems

A.O, Balogun, M.A. Mabayoje, E.O. Adeniyi & S.A. Salihu

Optimized Programmable Logic Controller Based System for Machinery

F. Onaifo, A.A. Adelakun, B.J. Adenle, K.G. Adekusibe & O.O. Akinrogunde

An Integrated Data Hiding Technique Using Stego-Crypto Method

V.O. Omodero,  V.T. Emmah and O.E. Taylor

Thin Flame Effect on Thermal Explosion in the Interior of the Earth

 A.O. Popoola, M.O. Olayiwola & M.K. Kolawole 


Towards Enhancing Computer Science  Graduates Employability: Critical Success Factors

S. Konyeha & D.E. Akpon-Ebiyomare

Data Security Issues In Corporate Environment: A Case Study Of Mining Companies In Ghana

Ehgo-Promise, E.I. (PhD), Asante, G. & Kwadwo Fosu Appiah

Predictive Model for the Risk of Hyperopia in Nigeria Using Decision Tree Algorithm 

F.A. Oladeji, Idowu, P.A., O. Komolafe & O. Oyetunji

Design and Construction of a Three Way Burglar Alarm System 

T.J. Ofusori, Olusuyi, K.O & Izilien, F. 

A Comparative Analysis Of Waiting Time Routing Rule For Queue Reduction In Call Center

E.S. Mughele, S. Konyeha & S.C. Chiemeke

A Design Methodology for CNOT-Based Quantum Circuits

D. Allenotor


Comparative Analysis between Instance Based Learning Model and Hidden Markov Model in handling Keystrokes Analysis Problem on Secure Shell

E. A, Ajayi, B.F, Ajayi, B.K. Alese, F.M. Dahunsi & A.T. Oyeniran, A.T.

Comparative Performance Evaluation Of Congestion Control Algorithm in Harsh Environment.

F.Y.E. Mmue &  K.J. Udoh

Enhancing Personalization in E-Learning Systems Using Ontology

I.T. Ayorinde & C.N. Iweala 

Deductive Review: Dissimilarities and Similarities of Wired and Wireless Computing Networks

F.Y.E Mmue & P.N. Oruigoni

Development of a Mobile Controlled Robot Using Artificial Vision with Advanced Intelligent System

A. Oloyede,  D. Ogunlana, P. Akinyemi, A.P. Oduroye  & O.B. Longe

Minor Threat Prioritization for Threat Management using Hybrid-centric Threat Model

O. Oriola, A.B. Adeyemo & O. Osunade

Secure Site Identification Mechanisms in Browsers for Phishing Attacks

Adenekan, O.A  &  Durosinmi, A.E

Development of a Secured Authentication Technique for Accessing

De-duplicated Data from Private Cloud Using One Time Password

A. Oloyede, O. Adedara, A. Oduroye,  D. Ogunlana, B. Adeyemi & O. Longe 

Mathematical Modeling of an Intelligent Poultry Feed Dispensing System

C.A. Ameh,  O.M. Olaniyi, E.M. Dogo, A. Usman, S. Aliyu  & B. Alkali

A Systematic Review of Feature Dimensionality Reduction Techniques for Face Recognition Systems

Babatunde, R.S. 

Application of Vehicle Routing Model to Mobile-Health Cloud Management in South Africa

Akingbesote A. O,, Adigun O.M., Ijeoma M. & Babalola A.D. 

Production of Pencil Using Graphitized Coconut Fibre

O.R. Oyetunji., M.S. Ismail, C.O. Aderounmu & O.J. Oladele

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