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Guest Editor-in-Chief

Prof. Okunoye A. A

O'Connor Professor of MIS

Xavier University

Cincinati, Ohio, USA.


Director of International Scholars Programme

(ICITD), Southern University, Baton Rouge, LA, USA


E-mail all inquiries and forward articles for consideration to: or

​International Centre for IT & Development 

Southern University

Baton Rouge, LA,  USA 70813

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ISSN - 2488-8699

     Vol 7. No 4, december, 2019 Series                         

An Intelligent Scheduling Framework in a Factored Operating System Using Deep Machine Learning

Habila, M., Agaji, I &  Blamah, N.V.

Evolution of Mobile Services and Preparedness for the Deployment of Fifth Generation Technologies in Nigeria

Ibrahim Muktar, Nura T. A., Ibrahim Adamu, Umar Abubakar Maina & Ibrahim M. Ibrahim

Design and Implementation of a Smart Parking System

Udofia, K.M, Kalu, C.N & Edet, A.J.

Analyzing the Effect of Petroleum Industry Shocks on the Nigerian Macro-economy

Anietie, J.

Framework for Evaluating  Organizational Readiness in Adopting Big Data for Optimal Performance: The National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS), Nigeria in Perspective

Nwobi, D.C., Okunoye, A.A., Chiemeke, S.C.  & Longe, O.B.

Towards a Framework for Measuring End-User Intension Towards The Gig Economy System: A Case Study Of Uber.

Faye, W., Longe, E.O., Wada, F.J. & Longe, O.B.


An Ontology for Intra-Campus Transport System (ICTS): A Case Study of the University of Ibadan Campus)

Ayorinde I. T. &  Oyedeji O. A..

Global Citizenship for Safer World

Mbagwu, J.U.

Developing A Secured Interactive Media with A Web Application Using Real-Time Communications Among Organizations

Akintola, A.G, Onawola, R.G. & Onawola, H.J.

A Theoretical Framework for Enhancing Open Distance Learning (ODL) Education

Mughele, E.S., Konyeha, S. & Onwodi, G.O.

Acute Nickel Toxicity and Effects on Liver and Kidney of Clarias gariepinus Juvenile

Olaifa, Flora. E. & Ewutanure, S.J.

​​​     Vol 7. No 3, september, 2019 Series                       


A Roadmap to a Nigeria Digital Knowledge Economy: Trends and Implications

Oghorodi,  D., Okpako, A.E. & Ako, R.

Analysis of Traffic Congestion On Major Urban Roads in Nigeria

Ajala, Abdul-Rahman T.


Availability and Utilization of Instructional Facilities in Teaching and Learning Office Technology and Management Courses in Polytechnics in Kwara State, Nigeria

Asimegbe, G. O., Iyiola, M. A. & Imman, R. O.

Artificial Neural Network Signal Routing Model: An Effective Solution to Telecommunication Networks Problems

Ezekwe, C.G & Ugwu, E.A.

Design and Implementation of Location Tracking System for an Android Operating System

Okezie, O.N & Anireh, V.I.E

Globalization, Africa and the International Economic Order

Ayanlowo, O. B &  Adeleke, O.D


Effects of Fermentation on Proximate and Anti-Nutritional Factors of Ogi Solid Waste.

​Ajayeoba, T.A., Fagbewesa, I., Adeosun, I.J., Ogunbiyi, O.C., Kaka, M & Olopade, T.R.

Department of Microbiology, Faculty of Science, Adeleke University, Ede

The Inglorious Link Between Cancer and Agrochemicals a Systematic Review

​Ajibade O.A., Ike F. & Oyawoye O.M.

Towards an Assessment of the Impact of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Diffusion in the Nigerian Corrections Services

Onwodi, G.O. & Ehigiator, M.O.

    Vol 7. No 2, JUNE, 2019 Series                                 

Appraisal of Building Information Modelling’s (BIM) Use In Project Planning in the Construction Industry in Lagos State, Nigeria

Opoko, A.P,  Sholanke, A.B, Joel, O.O., Caiafas, M.A., Fakorede, O.A. & Oyeyemi, N.O.

Design and Implementation of Online Vehicular Traffic Monitoring System Using Convolutional Neural Network (CNN)

Akintunde A I.O, Anireh V.I.E & Matthias D.

Department of Computer Science, Rivers State University, Port Harcourt, Nigeria

​​Students and Staff Perception towards Developing Market- Driven Research Projects for Commercialization and Patenting

A. I. Okewole, O. O. Fadairo and K. A. Sodiq


An Automated Stock Trading Auditing System Using Hybrid Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy Inference System (ANFIS)

Dambo Itari  &  Anireh, V.I.E


Modelling and Simulation of Uyo Metropolis Vehicular Traffic Control

Kingsley M. Udofia, Joy O. Emagbetere & Frederick O. Edeko

Analytic Medical Process for Ophthalmic Pathologies Using Fuzzy C-Mean Algorithm

Imeh Umoren1, Glory Usua & Francis Osang

Performance Evaluation of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) on Wired and Wireless Networks

Adeyemi I. Olateju, Olujide A, Adenekan & 3Taiwo T. Abatan

Promoting Science-Based Academic Research and Community Service Delivery Through ICT Adoption: Opinion of Science Teachers at the Federal College of Education (FCE Special) Oyo, Nigeria

Araoye, M.I. & Ogwuegbu, D.A.


Artificial Intelligence Driven Composite Model for Strengthening Innovative and Sustainable Teaching and Learning Experience

Patience Spencer & Bunakiye R. Japheth

DPass: A Method for Preventing Shoulder-Surfing Attack

​Adebimpe, Lateef Adekunle


             Vol 7. No 1, March 2019 Series                      


A Model for Predicting Customer Value Towards Upselling in Medium and Large Scale Businesses (MLBs)

Adeyemo, O.A. &  Akinselure, A.

Toward a Secured Multi-Step Permission Based Delegation Model with Chinese Wall Security Policy

Aderonke  J. Ikuomola

​Minimizing the Wastage of Electrical Energy at Utilization Level

Ogunrinola O.B., Olalere N.A., Nwosu E.U. & Onaifoh G.N.

Design and Implementation of Smart Home System Using Internet of Things

Davies E. I.  & Anireh, V.I.E.  (PhD)

​Analysis of Domestic Energy Usage for Electrical Appliances in a Nigerian Metropolitan Area.

Chukwuedo, J.A.

A Fuzzy Logic-Based Framework for E-banking Operational Risk Assessment

Ako, R.E. & Okpako, A.E.

Information Security System Using Video-Steganography Technique

Etebong, Isong PhD & Ibanga Idorenyin Godwin

Analyzing the Usage of Accounting Software for Short Medium Services (SMS) using Panel Data to improve Business competitiveness of Microfinance.

Adelusi, B.S. & Adeniji, O.D.

Investigation of the Suitability of Sand from River Adofi in Delta State for Casting

Ikwuebene, B.C & Iweka, C.S

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