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African Society for ICTs

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Nurturing ICT4D Research In Africa

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An AIMS Research Journal Publication Series Publishing Research Contents in  ICTs, Computing, Information Systems,

Information Science, Development Informatics, Engineering, Technology, Mobile Systems & Allied Research 

Published Article Archives Vol 7, 2016 Series 

ISSN: 2488-8699

CISDI Archives


The CISDI Journal 

CISDI is a Publication of the African Society for ICTs that provides a distinctive international perspective on theories, issues, frameworks and practice at the nexus of computing, Systems & Information/Knowledge Sciences, Engineering, Applied Sciences, Policy, Business Management, Developments Studies & Informatics

Vol 7. No. 4 December, 2016 

​​Loop Invariant: A Tool for Program Verification and Correctness
Ogheneovo, E.E. & Japheth, R.B. 

Miscarriages of Justice and Errors of Impunity: Ramifications for Poor Digital Evidence Management 
Balogun, A.M. & Salihu, Shakirat A. 

Analysis of a SEIRS Epidemic Model with Saturated Incidence Rate Considering Disease Induced Death.
Kolawole, M.K. 

Electric Power Load Forecast Using Decision Tree Algorithms
Hambali Moshood A., Akinyemi Adesina A., Oladunjoye John A. & Yusuf N. 
Some Remarks on the flow of a Newtonian Fluid with Memory in the Presence of Suction/ Blowing
Popoola, A.O. 

Magnetohydrodynamics Effects on Radiative and Dissipative Heat Transfer Near a Stagnation Point with Variable Viscosity and Thermal Conductivity

Salawu, S.O. & Amoo, S.A. 
Heterogeneous Ensemble Methods Based On Filter Feature Selection
Ameen A. O., Balogun A. O., Usman G. & Fashoto S. G.

Intelligence-Based Adaptive Digital Watermarking For Images In Wavelet Transform Domain
Oloyede, A. & Adegbenjo, A.

Influence of Feature Selection on Multi-Layer Perceptron Classifier for Intrusion Detection System
Mabayoje, M.A., Balogun, A.O., Ameen, A.O. & Adeyemo, V.E. 

The Design & Implementation of an Environmentally-friendly Microcontroller Based Automatic Waste System Using Servo Eze, B. E & Olaiya, O.O. 
A Framework for Data Quality Assessment and Improvement
Akpon-Ebiyomare D.E, Chiemeke S.C, & Egbokhare F.A

Impact of Science-Technology- Society Teaching Approach On Students’ Academic Performance and Interest Among Secondary School Students Taught Mechanics At Giwa Education Zone, Kaduna, NigeriaFalalu, M.K. & Muhammad, B.A. 
An Enhanced TCP for Optimizing Channel Utilization in Dynamic Spectrum Access Networks​
​Enem, T.A. 

PH SNIFF: A Packet Sniffer for Network Monitoring and Traffic Analysis 
Obiorah, P. C. Eke, B. O. & Oghenekaro, U. L.
​An Evaluation of a Framework of Data Quality Assessment and Improvement 
Akpon-ebiyomare D.E, Chiemeke S.C.& gbokhare F.A

Student Identity Card Based On Advanced Quick Response Code Technology
Saheed Y.K. Salau-Ibrahim T.T. &Kadri, A.F. 

A Review of Various Phishing Attacks & Anti-phishing Techniques
Eze, B. E & Olaiya, O.O. 
Department of Computer Engineering, The Federal Polytechnic Ilaro, Ogun State, Nigeria. 

Software Defined Networking (SDN) Application for Bring-Your- Own-Device (BYOD) Implementation in Library AutomationYusuf, A.A. 


A Hybrid Technique for Job Shop Scheduling in an Interconnected System
U.C. Onwuachu & P. Enyindah

Performance Analysis of Adaptive Filtering Algorithms for Acoustic Echo Cancellation in Teleconference SystemUdofia, K.M., Ibanga, E. & Ezenkwu, C.P. 
An Exploratory Study Of Internet Control and Surveillance
Babajide, Adekunle O. & Odumesi, John O.

Influence of Computer Assisted Instruction (CAI) package on Upper Basic School Students’ Performance in Keyboarding Concept in Business Studies.

Tiamiyu, Y.B & Gbolagade, W.O. 
​Automatic Question Generation Using Natural Language Processing
Ayorinde, T.I


Vol. 7 No 3 , September, 2016 

​​Towards a Secure Adoption of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Policy in Nigerian Corporate Organisations
Oyelakin, A.M.  & Olanrewaju, M.J. 

​​A Hybridized Technique for Optimizing Query Processing in Distributed Database Systems
Ogheneovo, E. E.  & Oviebor, E. 

Survey on The Performance Evaluation of E-Marketplaces 
Akingbesote, A.O. 
The Optimization of SCADA on Renewable Energy: An Approach to Sustainable Development In Nigeria
Adenle B.J,, Adekusibe, K.G., Akinrogunde, O.O. & Alashiri, O.A. 

​​​​Security Issues In Mobile Cloud Computing
​Elusoji, A.A., Akeredolu, G.R & Aiyegbusi A.E

Behavioral Analysis of a SEIRS Epidemic Model with Saturated Incidence Rate Considering the Saturation Term for the Infected Individual.
M.K. Kolawole & M.O. Olayiwola

An Overview of Security Issues Relating to the Internet of Things
​Akeredolu, G.R., Elusoji, A.A., Odii, J.N., Akanji, A.W. & Aiyegbusi, A.E. 


​A New Computational Method for the Solution of Nonlinear Burgers’ Equation Arising in Longitudinal Dispersion Phenomena in Fluid Flow through Porous Media 
Olayiwola, M.O 
Impact of Electronic Marketing Adoption on Organization Performance - Evidence From Nigerian Banking Industry
Abdulkareem, Z.J., Olanipekun, W.D. & Brimah, A.N. 

​​Online Academic Forum For Tertiary Institutions
Bute, M.S., Abubakar, U.M., Ahmed, M.K. & Adamu, A. 

​​​​Influence of Computer Utilization on Information Processing Efficiency of Government Establishments in Osun State, Nigeria

Ogunniran, O.O,, Alarape, A.A., Bakare, G.A. & Akporherhe, O.A. 
Impact of Mobile Banking on Service Delivery and Customer Satisfaction in Nigerian Banking Industry
Olanipekun, W.D., Abdulkareem, I.A., Usman, T.B. & Giwa, K.O. 

Volume 7 No. 2, June, 2016

​​E-Governance Evaluation Using Social Media Platforms
Olagunju, Mukaila

A Stochastic Solution on Convergence Property of Quadratic Functions
David Allenotor

Student Perception of Blogs in Education: A Case Study of Landmark University Undergraduate Students
Okocha Foluke O.

Biogas Generation As A Renewable Energy - An Overview
Oladeji, J.T., Ogunsola, A. D. & Balogun, A. O
An Evolvable Framework for Metamorphics
David Allenotor
Comparative Analysis Of Some Selected Cryptographic Algorithms
A.O. Afolabi & O.G. Atanda 
Comparative Performance of Modified Genetic Algorithm with Standard Genetic Algorithm for Solving University Examination Timetabling ProblemO.Y. Alowosile, C.A. Oyeleye , E.O. Omidiora, D.O. Aborisade & A.A. Odumosu

Characterization of Briquettes Produced From Corn Cobs and Corn Stalks
Oladeji, J.T., Balogun, A. O., & Adetola, S. O
A Prototype System for the Early Prediction of Ulcer Using Neuro-Fuzzy Approach
Olaniyan O.M., Ogunleye G.O, & Omodunbi B.A

On the Numerical Simulation of the Effect of Saturation Terms on the Susceptible Individual in Susceptible-Exposed Infected-Recovered- Susceptible (SEIRS) Epidemic Model.

M.K. Kolawole & M.O. Olayiwola


Pupils’ Perceived Causes of Examination Malpractice, Anxiety and their Involvement In Examination Malpractice in Cross River State, Nigeria.

Olofu, Martin. A. & Ogodo, F. A.

Volume 7 No. 1, March, 2016​

​​Algorithmic Modeling and Software Framework of a Twelve Tone Serialism
E. J. Garba and A. S. Ahmadu
​The Response of a Pre-Stressed Bernoulli- Euler Beam Carrying An Attached Mass to a Number of Concentrated Moving LoadsIdowu, A.S. And Gbadeyan, J.A.
An Improved Palm Vein Based Recognition System
Abikoye, O. C., Chukwu, M. & Babatunde, A. N
The Input of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) In Ensuring Access and Equity in the Production of Teachers Using Open Distance Learning (ODL) EducationOpani Aweh, Chiemeke, S. C. and Daodu, S. S.

​​Exploratory Analysis of Nigeria’s Computer Science Production from 1996 to 2014
Efeosasere Okoro & Alex Umagba

​​​​Query Processing and Optimization in a Distributed Database System
Daodu, S. S., Akhatuamen, S., Folorunso, O. and Ukaoha, K.C.
​​​On A Five Parameter Type II Generalized Logistic Distribution
Olapade A.K., Sule I., Bello O.A. and Braimah O. Joseph 

​​Swarm-Optimized K-Means Algorithm for Clustering Real World Datasets
Adigun A. A., Egbetola I. F., Oke O. A. & Fenwa O. D.
An Appraisal of Some Selected Works Reported in the Literature on the Classification Techniques Used in Diagnosis and Management of Diabetes MellitusOladipo, I. D., Babatunde, A. O. & Jimoh , R. G. 
A Computerized Database Encryption System for Standalone Applications
Omorogiuwa, O. & Ohiagu, K. 
Information and Communication Technology for Renewable Energy Creation and Management In Nigeria – A Paradigm ShiftChiemeke, S. C. and Ukaoha, K. C.
Comprehensive and Adaptive Computer-based Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) Tutorial System
Bliss Utibe-Abasi Stephen


A Regulatory Framework for Electronic Waste Management In Nigeria

U.O. Ekong & S.C. Chiemeke

A Paradigmatic Comparison of Sorting Algorithms on Integer Arrays
Adigun A. A, Asani, E. O., Adegun, A.A. & Mfoniso, E.A. 
Ubiquitous Information & Communication Technology and its Impact on the Annihilation of Indigenous Languages – The Yoruba Language in Perspective

Olaseni, O., Okunoye, A. , Longe, O.B. & Ogunjimi, O.A. 

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The African Society for Information & Communication Technology (ASICT)


The African Society for ICts pioneer and promote the participation of information technology and allied researchers & professionals in the growth and development of ICTs in Africa. The association creates a forum for addressing the multi-prong challenges of Africa through ICT-based solutions which have contextual and cultural relevance. We seek to increase the influence of IT and Allied professionals among decision-makers in Africa by using collaboration and mentoring as viable tools for promoting informed policy on national and international ICT issues.

Our membership cuts across academics, scientists, engineers, professionals, and businesses in the information technology and allied professions. Organizations and individuals who share a common interest in enabling Africa to participate as knowledge producers and not just knowledge consumers in today’s information age are welcome to join the society.

AISCT aims to provide a forum for interaction and knowledge sharing in the teaching, research and practice of ICT for Development in Africa.

To establish a global network of academics and practitioners who will participate as producers of knowledge on the teaching, research and practice of ICT for Development in Africa.

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