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Prof. Stella C. Chiemeke

Senior Affiliate Research Fellow (ICITD), Southern University, USA

Professor of Computer Science

University of Benin

Benin City, Nigeria


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Computing, Information Systems

& Development Informatics Journal

An International Pan-African, Institution and Society Based Multidisciplinary Journal  Published  by  

The  Society  for  Multidisciplinary & Advanced Research Techniques (SMART)

in Collaboration  with  the  African  Society for Information & Communication Technology

The Institute  for  Development  Informatics  &   Policy   (AIDIP),  Accra,   Ghana  

& The International Centre for Info Tech.  &  Development, Southern University,  Baton  Rouge,  Louisiana  USA

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International Centre for IT & Development 

Southern University

Baton Rouge, LA,  USA 70813

ISSN - 2488-8699

CISDI Archives

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Vol 5. No. 5 December, 2014 

Design and Construction of An Automatic Sliding Door Using Infrared Sensor
Oladunmoye M., Oluwatomi A.A. & Obakin O

The Use Of Matlab In the Solution of Linear Quadratic Regulator (LQR) Problems
Ajasa, Abiodun Afis & Sebiotimo, Abdul-Azeez Arisekola

Quality Based Assessment For Contemporary Leadership – The Case of Steve Jobs
Ademola O. E., Ogundadegbe, J.A. & Ogundipe, A.

Towards Integrating Knowledge And Performance Support For Blended Learning In Higher Education
A.W Akanji, A.A. Elusoji & A.V. Haastrup PhD

Path Loss Models Analysis for Rural-Urban Vegetational Cases In Lagos Environs 
Akinyemi. L.A , Shoewu.O.O, Makanjuola.N.T, Ajasa.A.A, Folorunso,C.O
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Detailing Stakeholder Theory Of Management: A Managerial Performance Technique
Ademola, Ojo Emmanuel


A Group-Theoretic Approach for the Construction of Secure Cryptographic Primitives

Odule, T.J. & Awodele, O.

A Group-Theoretic Approach for the Construction of Secure Cryptographic Primitives
Odule, T.J. & Awodele, O.

Towards A Robust E-Learning Agenda For Nigeria: Catering for The Pedagogic Elements  Philipa Omamhe Idogho, Sunday Gabriel Eshiotse & Evelyn Bosede Oduntan 

Quality of Service & Performance Evaluation of Web Services 
Odulaja Godwin Oluseyi, Awodele Oludele & Kuyoro Shade O

​​MAL-TYPHO Diagnosos Intellig
ent System (MATDIS): The Auto-Diagnostic Rule Generation Algorithm.
S.C. Chiemek
e & E.U. Omede


Vol 5. No. 4 October, 2014

​Human Resource Planning In the Nigerian Universities
Satope Bola Funmilayo

Promoting Electronic Commerce in Nigeria Through Electronic Learning

Adedara, O.G, Adebowale, A.A & Folorunsho, S. O.

A Prototype Expert System for Human Diseases Diagnosis 
Agbo-Ajala O., Adeyemi T, Ayeni J. & Makinde, O.E. 

Coping with the Age Of Digitalization in Academics: The E-Learning Sensibility

Adedara O.G & Onwuegbuzie I.U. 

Studies On The Use Of Orange Peel For Adsorption Of Congo Red Dye From Aqueous Solution

Frederick Agboinghale & M. O. E. Ufuah

​​Hypervisors and Emerging Economies of the World – The Next Big Thing (Case Study)
Francis O. Jejelowo & Emmanuel O. Ademola
Evaluation Of Students Performances In An Examination With Data Mining Techniques 

Olagunju, Mukaila


A Group-Theoretic Approach for the Construction of Secure Cryptographic Primitives

Odule, T.J. & Awodele, O.

Entrepreneurship Education at the Afe Babalola University Ado-Ekiti

A.O Ajetunmobi & EO Ademola

Privacy Protection Algorithm for Environment Based Dynamic Access Control Model To Achieve Database Security
Elusoji Adekeyede Akorede, Haastrup Adeleye Victor PhD, Onukwugha Chinwe Gilean, Odiketa Juliet Chioma & Akanji A.Wasiu. 

Vol. 5. No 3 , September, 2014

​​Protecting Africa and Its Citizenry from Cyber Yerrorism Through Joint Awareness Campaign Programmes (JACAP)
Azeez, N A., Fasina, E.P, Ayangbekun, O.J. & Venter, I.M. 

Economic Usability Values of Machine Performance Using Computer Algorithms 
Olagunju, Mukaila

Automated GSM-Based Vehicle Inspection Using Short-Code: A Case Study of Nigeria 
Awotunde, B.J., Adewumi-Olowabi, F.T., Owolabi A.A. Akanbi, M.B.

Secured and Enhanced Information Security in the Nigerian Maritime Industry 
Mughele E.S. 

Cultural Barriers to E-Learning Designs 
Ogunsanwo, G. & Omotosho O. Jacob (PhD)

Students' Enrolment into Tertiary Instititions in Nigeria - The Influence of the Founder's Reputation: A Case Study 
​Ademola, E.A., Ogundipe, A.T. & Babatunde, W.T.
Impact of ICT Presence on Direct Parliament Debates and Security of the Future Laws of Mountin Kingdom of Lesotho 

Balkaran, R., Thakur, S. & Maphephe, J. 

Analysis and Design of Ghana Health Care Centre USing the National Identification Authority 
Sudhakar Murugesan


Volume 5.  No. 2, June, 2014

​​A Review of Trends of Authentication Mechanisms for Access Control
Adegun A.A, Adigun A. A. & Asani, E.O. 

Drift of Risk Assessment on Prevention of Fraud In Banks and Financial Institutions In Nigeria.
Adeoye M. & Adeoye E.

A Study Of Secondary School Students’ Attitude Towards Public Examinations (Cases from Lagos State & Osun State in Nigeria)
Longe, I.M. & Ajike, C.F.

A User-Centric Model for Evaluating & Validating User-Perceived Quality of Service (QoS) In Wireless Network
Ogude, U.C. & Onyejegbu, L.N.

Use of Electronic Resources by Faculty Members In Landmark University
Aregbesola, A. & Oguntayo, S.

Simulation of Medical Diagnosis System for Malaria Using Fuzzy Logic
JimohR.G., Awotunde J.B., Babatunde A. O., Ameen, A. O & James T.R. &Fatia O.W.

Frameworks for Improving Interactions on Social Networks Using Semantic Filtering

Adigun, A.A.

Web-Based Interface for Control of Bank Staff Fraud
T. O. Oladele & O. A. Fadipe-Joseph


Enhancing Safer Computation Through A Better Knowledge Of Virus Internal Mechanisms On Computing Platforms

Odule, T.J. & Awodele, O.

The Boko Haram Insurgency in Nigeria: A Security Officers Perspective on Technology & The American Angle.

Ajike, C. &  Longe, O.B. 


Enhancing Safer Computation Through A Better Knowledge Of Virus Internal Mechanisms On Computing Platforms

Odule, T.J. & Awodele, O.

Knowledge Management System in Law Using K-Clustering Technique
Oladejo B.F. 
Security Features in Wireless Netwo
rks ​
​​Miriampally V.R. 

Volume 5.  No. 1, March, 2014

Addressing The Inherent Limitations Of Traditional Modelling Framework For Sustainable Energy Development In A Developing Economy 

Titus Kehinde Olaniyi       


Enhancing The Effectiveness Of Poverty Reduction Initiative Using Information Technology             

Monica N. Agu        

A Ubiquitous Technology Framework For Curbing The Boko Haram Menace In Nigeria                                 Godspower O. Ekuobase, Ifeanyichukwu E. Anyaorah                                                                


Handover Manageability And Performance Modeling In Mobile Communication Networks 

Imeh Umoren, Prince Oghenekaro Asagba, Olumide Owolabi             


An Alternative Decision Support Systems Paradigm For Sustainable Energy Planning In Developing Economies: A Case For System Thinking / System Dynamics Methodology 

Titus Kehinde Olaniyi                    


A Shettle’s Method Model For Automating Preconception Sex Selection                         

Jimoh, R. G., Fadairo, O. S., Abdulsalam, S. O.                


Using Embedded Technology In End-User Programming Of Smart Spaces With Mobile Devices      

Onukwugha, C. G., Asagba, P. O.                              


An Evaluation Of The Usability Factors Affecting The Use Of The Internet For Teaching &  Learning 

Adebimpe, Lateef Adekunle, Ayegbo, Femi   

Banking Queue System In Nigeria

J.C. Odirichukwu, Tonye Lekara, J.N. Odii                                 


Identifying Influential Bloggers On The Web

Jimoh, R. G., Awotunde Joseph Bamidele, Enikuomehin, O. A.      



Volume 4.  Year 2013


Volume 3.  Year 2012


Bridging the Digital Divide and the Impact on Poverty in Nigeria
Akanbi B.E &  Akanbi C.O.           

The Society for Multidisciplinary & Advanced Research Tchniques (SMART)  and The African Society for Information and Communication Technology (ASICT

& Other Institutional Partners


The Society for Multidisciplinary & Advanced Research techniques (SMART), The African Society for ICTs (ASICT) and other collaborating institutional partners sets up the Computing, Information Systems & Development Informatics Journal as a medium for reporting research and collaborative efforts that globally address the multi-prong challenges of Africa and other parts of the world  through ICT-based solutions which have contextual and cultural relevances. We seek to increase the influence of IT and Allied professionals among decision-makers in Africa by using collaboration and mentoring as viable tools for promoting informed policy on national and international ICT issues. Our membership cuts across academics, scientists, engineers, professionals, and businesses in the information technology and allied professions. Organizations and individuals who share a common interest in enabling Africa to participate as knowledge producers and not just knowledge consumers in today’s information age are welcome to join the society.

The collaborations aims to provide a forum for interaction and knowledge sharing in the teaching, research and practice of ICT for Development in Africa.

To establish a global network of academics and practitioners who will participate as producers of knowledge on the teaching, research and practice of ICT for Development in Africa.

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