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Prof. Stella C. Chiemeke

Senior Affiliate Research Fellow (ICITD), Southern University, USA

Professor of Computer Science

University of Benin

Benin City, Nigeria


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International Centre for IT & Development , USA 

Computing, Information Systems

& Development Informatics Journal

An International Pan-African, Institution and Society Based Multidisciplinary Journal  Published  by  

The  Society  for  Multidisciplinary & Advanced Research Techniques (SMART)

in Collaboration  with  the  African  Society for Information & Communication Technology

The Institute  for  Development  Informatics  &   Policy   (AIDIP),  Accra,   Ghana  

& The International Centre for Info Tech.  &  Development, Southern University,  Baton  Rouge,  Louisiana  USA

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ISSN - 2488-8699

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      VOL 10 No. 4 , December,  2019 Edition                                                                     

A Computational Modelling Of Yorùbá Numerals In A Text-To-Text Format

Agbeyangi, A.O., Eludiora, S.I. & Olorunlomerue, A.B.

Empirical Comparative Study Of Selected Data Mining Classification Algorithms

V.A Olutayo, PhD

A Forecourt Operations Management System for Oil Marketing Companies: The Ghanaian Context

Paul Danquah, Dzifa Bibi & Bismark Dzahene-Quarshie

Intellectual Impact Of Mobile Educational Games On Secondary School Education In Nigeria: Case Study Of Government Girls' Secondary School Makurdi.

Yugh, Sandra Mlumun, Deborah U. Ebem & Onyianta John Chiedozie.

Hygiene Practices in Food Handling: Pertinent to Healthy Living (A study of Fast Food Outfits)

Ogbonna, C.O.

Towards a Framework for Adopting Thermal Imaging Systems for Counter-Terrorism in North Eastern Nigeria

Ismail, T.I., Ibrahim, M.A., Okunoye, A.A., Chiemeke, S.C. & Longe, O.B.

Development of Electricity Consumption and Monitoring System Using Internet of Things and Raspberry

Olawuni, A., Ola, B.O. & Ogunwuyi, O.J.

Examining the Role of Organization Policy as Impediments to Knowledge Sharing in ERP Post Implementation

Adegbenro, D.A., Longe, O.B. & Okolo, O.

       VOL 10 No. 3 , September,  2019 Edition                                                                  


Reduction In High Rate Of Packet Drop In Reverse Adhoc On-Demand Distance Vector Routing Protocol Under Wormhole Attack In Mobile Adhoc Networks

Ojo, Adebola K. & Akinnifesi, Akintunde S. 10.22624/AIMS/CISDI/V10N3P1 - .........

Design and Implementation of E-Voting System for Student Union Election in Emmanuel Alayande College of Education, Oyo

Ayoade, O.B. & Adegoke, T.B 10.22624/AIMS/CISDI/V10N3P2 - .........

Secure Intranet Result System for Processing Students’ Result in Nigerian Colleges of Education

Ayoade, O.B. & Adegoke, T.B 10.22624/AIMS/CISDI/V10N3P3 - .........

Development of a Robust Interactive Online Result Processing and Management System: A Case study of Osun State College of Technology, Esa-Oke, Nigeria

Oyeniran, O. R. &  Oladosu, J. A.


​Development  of  Expert System  for Troubleshooting  and Repair of Techno P3 Android Smartphone

​Sodiq,K.A., Adebari  F.A., Saliu  L.A. , Otapo A.T.  & Otunubi V.A.

Development of a Global Positioning System- Based Location Tracking System for Yaba College of Technology, Lagos, Nigeria

Rufai, M., Sodiq  K.A. , Lawal O.L.  , Okikiola F.M. & Onadokun I.O.

SMART-CEVA: A Real Time Implementation of a Smart Campus Evaluator and Analytic Technique based on a Hybridized Consensus Mining Algorithm

Taylor, O.E., Asagba, P.O. & Eke, B.O.


An Empirical Evaluation of Information Technology related Disaster Recovery Readiness in Ghanaian Universities.

​Jojo Desmond Lartey, Paul Asante Danquah & James Anani Amezi


An Improved Hybrid System for The Prediction of Debit and Credit Card Fraud

​Nwogu E. R., Nwachukwu, E. O. & Ejiofor, V.E. 

Adaptive Data Mining and Intelligent Agent Framework for Credit Card Fraud Detection

Nwabrije L.E &  Anireh V.I.E


​​​  VOL 10 No. 2 June,  2019 Edition                                                                                     


The Future of Enterprise Systems in Africa: Bleak or Bright?

Ebem, D.U., Ebem C.C & Onyianta, J.O.


Testing the Technology Utilization, Satisfaction and Performance (TUSPEM) Model in a Mandatory Usage Environment

Osang, F.B. & Mbarika, V.W.


An Intelligent System for Cybercrime Detection and Control

David, D.C., Anireh, V.I.E & Matthias, D.


Credit Card Fraud Detection System Using Bayesian Network

Nwanyanwu, M. & Anireh, V.I.E


Cloud Computing: Security Issues and Challenges Overview

Akanji, W.  Abodunrin, G. & Akerele, J.

A Data Mining Framework for Improving Agricultural Production in Nigeria

Akpojaro, Jackson &  1Waidor, Tamaramiebi K.


Development of  Biometric- Based  Crime Investigation System  for the Nigeria Police Force, Ipaja, Lagos State, Nigeria

Sodiq,  K.A., Lawal, O.L., Okikiola, F.M., Saliu, L.A. &  Otapo, A.T

Local Area Network Deployment for Gwagwalada Area Council, Abuja, Nigeria

Onwodi, G.O. & Ogunlana .A.D.

​  VOL 10  No. 1 March 2019 Edition                                                                                   

An Embedded Cloud-Based Video Surveillance System

Aderonke J., Ikuomola 10.22624/AIMS/CISDI/V10N1P1

The Use of Business Process Modelling in Software Cost Estimation

Oga, R.O. & Egbokhare, F.A. 10.22624/AIMS/CISDI/V10N1P2

A Proposed Framework for Smart Home Systems Design and Adoption

Oluoha, O. & Ebem, D.U. 10.22624/AIMS/CISDI/V10N1P3


Neutrosophic -Based Bayesian Neural Network For Handling Data Overlap Problem In Classification

Okpako, A.E. & Ako, R.E

. 10.22624/AIMS/CISDI/V10N1P4


Hybridized Simple Linear Regression Analysis and Simple Moving Average Statistical Models Web-Based System for Sales Forecast


Isong, Etebong Bassey  &  Essien, Ubong Udo 10.22624/AIMS/CISDI/V10N1P5

Image as a Signal: Review of the Concept of Image Frequency Estimate  

Abdul Rasak Zubair 10.22624/AIMS/CISDI/V10N1P6

A Proposed Graphical Authentication Method for Preventing Shoulder-Surfing Attack

Adebimpe, Lateef Adekunle. 10.22624/AIMS/CISDI/V10N1P7

The Society for Multidisciplinary & Advanced Research Tchniques (SMART)  and The African Society for Information and Communication Technology (ASICT

& Other Institutional Partners


The Society for Multidisciplinary & Advanced Research techniques (SMART), The African Society for ICTs (ASICT) and other collaborating institutional partners sets up the Computing, Information Systems & Development Informatics Journal as a medium for reporting research and collaborative efforts that globally address the multi-prong challenges of Africa and other parts of the world  through ICT-based solutions which have contextual and cultural relevances. We seek to increase the influence of IT and Allied professionals among decision-makers in Africa by using collaboration and mentoring as viable tools for promoting informed policy on national and international ICT issues. Our membership cuts across academics, scientists, engineers, professionals, and businesses in the information technology and allied professions. Organizations and individuals who share a common interest in enabling Africa to participate as knowledge producers and not just knowledge consumers in today’s information age are welcome to join the society.

The collaborations aims to provide a forum for interaction and knowledge sharing in the teaching, research and practice of ICT for Development in Africa.

To establish a global network of academics and practitioners who will participate as producers of knowledge on the teaching, research and practice of ICT for Development in Africa.

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