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Date:    25th - 27th June, 2020

Venue: Laboratoire Jean Kuntzmann

              IMAG Building 700 Avenue

              Centre Domaine Universite

              Gabriel faure Tram Stop, Grenoble Alpes, France

iSTEAMS - International Multidisciplinary Conference

on Science, Technology, Education, Arts, Management & the Social Sciences

Transmitting from Universite Grenoble, Alpes, France


Date:    25th - 27th June, 2020

Venue: Laboratoire Jean Kuntzmann

              IMAG Building 700 Avenue

              Centre Domaine Universite

              Gabriel faure Tram Stop, Grenoble Alpes, France

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Venue:  Virtual Online ZOOM Platform

Dates: 25th -30th June, 2020

iSTEAMS - International Multidisciplinary Conference

on Science, Technology, Education, Arts, Management & the Social Sciences

Transmitting from Universite Grenoble, Alpes, France

    Virtual Presentation & Proceedings  Papers                                                   

Computational Science With Euler Method  Using C++, Javascript And Python

Oshinubi, K, Ighoyivwi, S. Adeyemi, A. Nkan, M. &  Sadiq Suleiman  

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A Trust Based Assessment Model for Evaluating Trust Performance in E-commerce

Solanke I.O, Okiki, F. M, Ishola, P.E. & Oladiboye, O.S.

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A Conceptual Framework for Organizational Adoption of M-Health in Nigeria.

Nachandiya, N., Che, F. & Longe, O.B. 

Department of Information Systems, American University Nigeria(AUN), Yola, Nigeria.

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Demographic Characteristics and Accessibility as Determinants of Use of Library Resources by Students in Two Federal Colleges of Agriculture in Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria

Adekunjo, O.A., Tomomowo-Ayodele, S.O. &  Fatubiyele, J.M.

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Development Of A Voice Based Notification System For Healthcare Management

Abdul-Salam, A.O.

Department of Computer Science, Federal College of Education (Special), Oyo, Nigeria

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Investigation of Energy Efficiency In The Use Of A Flash Dryer For Production Of Quality Instant Pounded Yam Flour

Bello, R. O., Raji A.O., & Asiru W.B.

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Mitigating Cyber-Haram: Deradicalising Smart-Phone Non-Users in North Eastern Nigeria from Violent Extremism and Terrorism Tendencies Using Technology-Based Behavioral Theoretical Frameworks

Adegbenro, R.D, Okolo, O., Longe, O.B., Wada, F.J & Danquah, P.A.

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Crime Investigative Control in Nigeria Using Brain Fingerprinting as a Cyber Tool Technique

Babajide Adeyemi, Uchehara Chris, Olufemi Folarin & Nosiru Adegboyega Musa

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Design and Development of Android Application for Doctors and Patients: Implications for COVID-19 Pandemic and Post Pandemic Uses

Ogunsola, K & Akintoye, A.G

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Fatal Faecolith in Donkeys- Review of Two Cases

Adedokun R.A.M., Alaka O.O., Olaifa A.K., Jarikre T.A., Akpan M.O., Alaba P.A., Olaifa O.L. &  Emikpe B.O.

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Irreversibility Analysis of Magneto-Micropolar Fluid Flow Past an Inclined Stretchable Sheet with Viscous Disspation

Fatunmbi, E.O. & Are, S.O.

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Development of Microcontroller-Based Automatic Voltage Surge Protection System

Omofuma, O.I., Sodiq, K.A. Theophilus, E.E. Akinrogunde, O.O. Thomas, T.G. & Ifeka, O.I.

(Downloaded  Receipt)

Towards A Secured Financial Transaction: A Multi-Factor Authentication Model

Lala, O.G., Aworinde, H.O. & Ekpe, S.I.

College of Computing and Communication Studies, Bowen University, Iwo, Nigeria

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The Financial Transaction Bank Credit Cards; An Islamic Perspective

Ahmed El-murdi Saeed Omar (Ph.D)

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A Reviewof Effectiveness of Tracing Based Active Intrusion Response Algorithms in Detecting Network Intrusion

Babalola, M.F., Omotosho, F.S. & Agbaje, I.O.

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Right of Way Survey of Electric Power Lines and Tower Spotting: Route and Techniques

France O. Akpojedje & Samuel Emeson

(Downloaded  Receipt)

Perceived Effect of Gambling and Sports Betting On the Economic Status of Youths in Southeastern Nigeria

​Obayi, P.M. Anorue, L.I., Onyebuchi, A.C., Anele, M.C. & Ezeasor, D.D.

(Downloaded  Receipt)

Implementing Integer Number Representations Using Advanced Radix and Diminished-Radix Methods.

Ashioba, N. C

(Downloaded  Receipt)

Electronic Crime Identification Using Face Matching

Adebayo, A.A., Lawal, O.A., Famuyiwa, K.S.A. & Adekunle, K.O.

(Downloaded  Receipt)

Exam Pass Automated System: A Case Study of Moshood Abiola Polytechnic (MAPOLY), Abeokuta, Nigeria

Lawal, O.A., Adebayo, A.A. , Adenekan, O.A.  &  Abatan, T.T.

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Prof. Chanika Jones

Professor of Criminal Justice

Southern University

Baton Rouge, LA, USA

Prof. Stephanne Labbe 

Dir - Laboratoire Kuntzmann 

Universite Grenoble

Gremnoble Alpes France

Prof. Princely Ifinedo

Brock University

St. Catharines

Ontario, Canada

Prof. Edward Santiago 

Colorado State University

Global Campus

Colorado, USA

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   Speakers & Lead Presenters          


Welcome to the iSTEAMS Multi-Conference

Laboratoire Jean Kuntzmann

Universite  Grenoble, France 2020

It was exciting to have hosted delegates to the Universite Grenoble, Alpes France the Venue of the 25th iSTEAMS Multi-Conference that clusters presenters with research focus on Science, Technology, Education, Arts, Management & the Social Sciences (iSTEAMS). It is so  delightful to see the conference since inception grown to become  a very vibrant  multi dimensional international  gathering  of  practitioners,  Scholars,  researchers,   students   at   all  levels  and inter-tertiary  collaboration

enthusiasts crossing boundaries and continents and now, being hosted in France within the European Union. As your host and the IEEE Computer Society Nigeria Chapter Diaspora, International Outreaches and Linkages Official,  it  was particularly inspiring to explore opportunities for our members in diaspora to also network with stakeholders across the Atlantic in a collocated event. I am  equally glad that iSTEAMS is collaborating with a leading research Centre in the University, the Laboratoire Jean Kuntzmann, Mathématiques applique informatique, Universite Grenoble notable for world class research in applied mathematics and computing.

Oshinubi, Kayode  FASI, MIAENG, MSWIDC

Distinguished Heildelberg Nobel Forum Fellow Alunmus

IEEE Computer Society Diaspora, International Linkages

Researcher, Laboratoire Jean Kuntzmann,

Mathématiques applique informatique

Universite Grenoble, Alpes, France



Prof. Stephane Labbe      -    Laboratoire Jean Kuntzmann,Universite Grenoble

Prof. Titus Olaniyi             -    GSM University London

Paul Danquah PhD           -    Council for Scientific Research, Ghana

Prof. Princely Ifinedo        -    Brock University, Canada

Prof. Jimoh Rasheed        -    University of Ilorin, Nigeria

Fola Bolaji                          -    Purdue University, United States of America

Irene Attaachie MNS        -    University of Health & Allied Sciences, Ghana

Prof Sandip Rakshit          -    American University of Nigeria, Yola

Prof. Friday Wada             -    University of Hartford, Connecticut, USA

Prof. Ojo Ademola             -      Centre for Citizenship and Leadership Galaxy, London, UK

Prof. Olumide Longe        -    American University of Nigeria

Dr. Collin S. Tharkur         -    Durban University of Technology, Souuth Africa

Prof. Edward Santiago      -  Sullivan College State University of New York, USA

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Society for Multidisciplinary & Advanced Research Techniques in Africa 

A Multidisciplinary, Inter tertiary and Interdisciplinary International  Research Group

E-Mail: smart@isteams.netinfo@isteams.net 

Phone: +33766760529; +23408160900893; or +18576007570

Laboratoire Jean Kuntzmann,  Universite Grenoble, France



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