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An International Pan-African  Journal  Published  by  The Systems & Multidisciplinary Research group (SMART)  International Centre for Info Tech.  &  Development (ICITD) Southern University,  Baton  Rouge, LA, USA in collaboration with The  Society  for  Multidisciplinary & Advanced Research Techniques (SMART) in Africa ...Promoting Multidisciplinary, Interdisciplinary  and Proactive Research

Advances in Multidisciplinary

& Scientific Research Journal


Prof. Longe Olumide  Babatope

Professor of  Computing & Information Security

Lead Researcher - Systems & Multidisciplinary Group

ICTTD, Southern University, Baton Rouge, LA, USA

Chair - Information Systems  Programme

American University of Nigeria, Yola

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ISSN - 2488-8699

​International Centre for IT & Development 

Southern University

Baton Rouge, LA,  USA 70813

​​Vol 5, No 1, March  2019 Edition                                                          

Fostering Students’ Cognitive Achievement in Chemistry Through Student - Directed   Concept Maps and Demonstration Strategies of Secondary Schools in Ogun State Nigeria.

Sewanu, Bankole, Isaac A.

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Achieving Sustainable Development in Nigeria through Corporate Social Responsibility Reporting: Evidence from Selected Nigerian Banks and Manufacturing Firms

Olanipekun, Wahid Damilola, Abdulraheem, Issa (PhD) & Brimah, Aminu Nassir (PhD)

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Analysis of Market Innovation and Organisational Performance in Nigerian Food and Beverage Manufacturing Sector

Bamidele, Ayodeji Gbenga, Abdulraheem, Issa (PhD) & Brimah, Aminu Nassir (PhD)

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Evaluation of Physicochemical, Sensory Properties and Microbial Load of Yoghurt Produced from Fresh Camel and Cow Milk.

Lawal, Rukayat A.  Adebusoye, Michael S. & Musa, Hamisu

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Optimal Incremental Clustering for Event Detection on Random Twitter Data using Bit-Locality Sensitive Hashing

Abdullah K-K. A, Ogunyinka P. A., Sodimu S. M. & Solanke O. O.

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Proximate and Sensory Attribute of Instant Wet and Powder Fermented Maize (Ogi) Fortified with Soybean Garlic, Ginger and Date Fruit.

Lawal, Rukayat A.  Adebusoye, Michael S. & Musa, Hamisu

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On The Multi-Stage Optimization in Supply Chain (A Case Study of WEMY Industries LTD)

Oyekan, E.A., Ewebajo, O.A. & Temisan Gabriel O.

Department of Mathematical Sciences

Ondo State University of Science and Technology

Okitipupa, Ondo State, Nigeria.

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Puzzle Games and English as a Second Language Students’ Achievement in Grammar in Makurdi Local Government Area of Benue State, Nigeria

Ukume, G.D., Jude, W.I. & Uguma, V.U.

Department of Curriculum and Teaching,

Benue State University

Makurdi, Nigeria.

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Determining the Thermodynamic Parameters of Iron Oxide Leaching from a Nigerian Clay

Orugba Oghenero Henry & Iweka Chukwuka Sunday

Department of Chemical Engineering Technology

Department of Mechanical Engineering Technology

Delta State Polytechnic, Ozoro Nigeria

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Coping Strategies of Power Supply Limitations as Predictors of Informal Sector Productivity in Offa, South West Nigeria

Onawola, M.O. & Lawal, A.K. PhD

Department of Business Administration

National Open University of Nigeria

Offa Study Centre, Offa, Kwara State, Nigeria

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Analgesic Effect of Pentazocine on Midazolam-Ketamine Anaesthesia in Rabbits

Cecilia Omowumi Oguntoye& Boladale Sakariyu

Department of Veterinary Surgery and Radiology

University of Ibadan

Ibadan, Nigeria

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Discongruity in the Reclusion of a Neutral Dye, Neutral Red, Using Acid and Base Activated Clays from Odoalamo Viillage

*1Odueke; O.A., 2Aliyu, A.O. &  3Logunleko, A.GH.O.  

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​​Vol 5, No 4, December 2019 Edition                                                         


Environmental Sanitation Practice Affecting Malaria Prevalence And Transmission In Awka Metropolis Of Anambra State, South Eastern Nigeria

Okonkwo, V.O. & Okaka, C. E.

Department of Biology, Nwafor Orizu College of Education, Nsugbe, Anambra State, Nigeria

Smart Battery Charger for E-Tricycle

Ugwu, G & Ayiwe, M.

Dept of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Federal University of Petroleum Resources, Effurun, Nigeria.

Harmonic Producing Loads in an Electrical Distribution Network

Ogunyemi, J. & Adekusibe, K. G.

Department of Electrical/Electronics Engineering, Federal Polytechnic Ilaro.

Multiculturalism: A Panacea to Displacement and Migration

Mbagwu, Joan .U.  PhD

Department of Criminology, Security Peace and Conflict Studies, Caleb University, Lagos, Nigeria

Impact Analysis of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) on The Nigeria Corrections Services - FCT Command Headquarters, Abuja in Focus

Onwodi, G.O.

Commercial Potential of Plant Growth Promoting Rhizobacteria on Amaranthus Hybridus in Ede, Osun State, Nigeria

Ajibade O.A., Umezurike C, Oladipo E.K, Adeosun I.J, Bamigboye O.O, Oni M.O, Olotu T.M Oparah C.N, Fagbewesa, O.D, Mensah–Agyei, G.O, Olaniyan, I.B, & Oyawoye O.M. 

Phytoremediation potential of Pteridium aquilinum and the toxicity of Nickel on Clarias gariepinus juvenile

Olaifa, Flora E. & Ewutanure, Somorhire J.


​​Vol 5, No 3, September 2019 Edition                                                      


Impact of Entrepreneurial Orientation on Corporate Profitability: Empirical Evidence from Nigerian Banking Sector

Brimah, A.B., Adeyemi, K.S. &  Gbadeyan, R.A.

Artificial Neural Network Trained Architecture: An Effective Bank Loan Decision Support System

Ugwu, E.A. & Ezekwe, C.G.

Analysis of Heavy Metals Content of Leafy Vegetable (Celosia Argentea) and Soil from a Dumsite in Offa, Kwara State, Nigeria

Aduloju, E.I., Omachi A. B. & Olagunju, I.O.


Reinvigoration of Raffia Palm in Selected Local Government Areas: A Strategic Tool for Tourism Development in Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria.

Anietie E. Udo & Augustine M. Imikan

Environmental Health Law and Sustainable Development in the Niger-Delta: An Educative Perspectives Discourse

Ayanlowo, O.B. PhD


Framework for a Qos-History Based Automatic Web Service Selection

Oladosu,  J. B.  & Adegbite, O.


Development of a Global Positioning System- Based Location Tracking System for Yaba College of Technology, Lagos, Nigeria

Rufai, M., Sodiq  K.A. , Lawal O.L.  , Okikiola F.M. & Onadokun I.O.

Design and Implementation of Online Past Question System:  A Case Study of the Department of Computer Technology Yaba College of Technology, Lagos, Nigeria

Sodiq,K.A., Saliu  L.A., Otapo A.T.  , Abdulraheem A. & Onadokun I.O.


Anaesthetic Management Practices for Routine Surgeries in Small Animal Practice in Nigeria

Oguntoye, C.O. 


Assessment of Flood Vulnerability in Katsina–Ala, Benue State, Nigeria

Albert M. F, Olatinwo B. O, Olayemi O. O, Alalade T. A.  Agbolade O. O. & H.K Ayuba.

Legal Doctrines on Self-Determination, Multinational Federations and the Challenges of Peaceful Nation-building: Reference to Moltchanova, A.  (National Self-Determination and Justice in Multinational States)

Mbagwu, J.U. & Isikalu, A.

Department of Criminology, Security, Peace and Conflict Studies, Caleb University, Lagos, Nigeria

The Production of Bioemulsifier from Novel Microorganisms from Different Environments

Ajibade O.A, Adebami G.E & Adebayo–Tayo B.C

Adeleke University, Ede, Osun State, Nigeria

Vol 5, No 2, June 2019 Edition                                                                  

Evolution of Settlement Pattern in Otigba Computer Village, Lagos State and its Challenges to Urban Planning

S.J. Chen, T.V. Ogunnubi, A.O. Onakoya, P.O Yakubu, O.S. Akpan & C.B Nwabufo

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Towards The Development of an Android Based Offline Mobile Learning Application Open Learning

Onwodi, G.O.

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Biometric Security Identification System for Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) in North-East Nigeria

Musa I. Umar, Deborah U. Ebem & Groupson-Paul Okechukwu

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The Relationship Between Poverty, Creativity and Innovation: A Poverty Model of Creativity and Innovation

Abdulkareem K.K. Hauwah

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