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Book Chapter Project 

Book Chapter Project 

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   Collaborating Entities, Institutions, Partners  & Affiliations 


  • Graduate Students - IT & Law Course - Ghana Institute of Management & Public Administration 

  • Society for Multidisciplinary & Advanced Research Techniques (SMART) Africa 

  • Faculty of Computational Sciences - Academic City University College, Accra, Ghana

  • IEEE Nigeria Section Computer Society

  • The ICT University Foundations

  • CRACC - American University West Africa, The Gambia 

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Words from the Editorial Team  Lead 


It is my honor to have created the traction and motivation that led to the compilation of these chapters from the Class of brilliant and highly effective students from the IT & Law and Cyber Security and Forensics Programme at the Ghana Institute for Management & Public Administration.  Africa's contribution to discourses in a divergent and increasingly multidisciplinary domain of  Cyber Security, Law, IT and Forensics must be captured and succinctly presented to showcase the prowess of the african technocrats in contributing to global discourses.   I  welcome readers to peruse the chapters and take advantage of the dynamic subject contents addressed  by this book. Comments, contributions and rejoinders are appreciated 

Prof Longe Olumide  Babatope  (FASI)

Adjunct Professor -  School of Technology

Ghana Institute of Management & Public Administration

Dean - Faculty of Computational Sciences & Informatics

Academic City University College, Accra, Ghana

Distinguished Fulbright, UI-McArthur & HLF Germany Fellow

Senior Member IEEE - Chair IEEE Nigeria Computer Society

      ABOUT THE BOOK                                                                                

This book titled Research Nexus in IT, Law, Cyber Security and Forensics focuses on issue, concepts, principles and practices  at the watershed of the multidisciplinarity  of the subjects of discourse at addressing the malaise of Cyber crime, jurisdiction, technologies, advancement in forensic Sciences as well as the evolution of digital evidence and legal Informatics. Metamorphosing from a general class candidate research on a course of study  of Legal Aspects of IT taken at the postgraduate level at the Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration, the contributors addresses themes covering advances in technological artifacts and design in the domain,    misuse of personal Information,  technological challenges  mitigating evidence gathering, aspects of legal responsibilities, evidence gathering,  intermediary liabilities, advances in cryptography and steganographic schemes,  responsible adoption of disruptive technologies, aspects of computational Law and techno-legal reasoning as a well as broad coverage of Cyber Security and Forensics from .the theoretical, practical, frameworks nd design. In addition, these perspectives were presented with recommendations for policies, practices and policies for Africa. The book therefore serves as a reference material for practitioners, experts, technocrats, students, policy makers as well as other interested readers and enthusiasts approaching the subject coverage for a variety of usage and purpose.

BOOK Editors

  • Prof. Olumide B. Longe  – Co-ordinating and Acquisition Editor

          Professor & Dean, Academic City University College, Accra, Ghana

  • Prof. Edward Santiago Blaise, DBA, ITIL, MPM

         State University of New York – Sullivan College, Liberty New York

  • Prof. Princely Ifinedo 

         Professor of Information Systems, Brock University, St. Catherines, Canada  

  • Dr. Asani Tobiloba. Emmanuel

          Landmark University, Omu-Aran, Nigeria

  • Dr. Waheed Olanipekun

          Director CRACC - American International University West Africa, The Gambia

Associate Editors

  • Joseph Budu PhD   

          Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration (GIMPA)


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  Chapters  Published and  Included in Book Project                            

Bitcoins Usage By Cybercriminals –  Evolution And Current Mitigating Approaches

Daniel Tibina Apuri

Analysis of Attack Intention Recognition

Tsatsu K. Sabblah

A Survey Of Packet Analysis For Network Forensics

Michael Kodjo Agorsah

Mobile Device’s Digital Forensic Process Model 

Bismark Boateng

Net-Force for Email Tracing

Nana Kwame Kwakye

Biometric Spoofing and Deepfake Detection

Yaw Amoah-Yeboah

Tools for Cyber Forensics 

Peter Oppong Baafi

Internet of Things (IoT) & Underwater Network Forensics

Timothy Kwaku

Attack Intention Recognition Technique

Terry Kwaku Boateng

Exploring Lack of Due Diligence as a Threat to Forensic Analysis Preparation and Readiness

Jonas Takyi Asamoah

Mobile/Telephone Contacts and Calls In Forensics Analysis

Samuel Opoku Daniels

Deep Learning (DL) Oriented Forensic Analysis

Herbert Cyril Dodoo

Effective ways of Carrying Out Network Autopsy

Louis Opoku Gyamfi

Libforensics For Developing Digital Forensics Applications

James Hebidzi Senanu

Cloud Computing Forensic Challenges for Law Enforcement

Samuel Opuni Boateng

Security Measures Against Malware, Botnets & Ransomware

Joseph Antwi Attoh

X-Ways Forensics Platform For Digital Forensics Examiners

Seth Adjei Gyimah

Digital Forensic and Distributed Evidence

Emmanuel Kpakpo Brown

Deleted Data Recovery Mechanisms

Ephraim Mawutor Adehenu

Device Information for Forensic Analysis

Paul Antwi

  Chapters  Published and  Included in Book Project                            


Forensic Detection through the Identification and Collection of Data for Analysis

Joshua Wemegah

Storing Forensic Data Against Interference

Amenuveve Gracious Adzogbley

Understanding Advanced Persistent Threats

Akuffo-Badoo Erastus B.

Improving Image Interpretation in Digital Forensics

Jonathan Gasokpo Adjorlolo

Inaccessibility of Services as a Threat to Forensic Analysis

Maxwell Amparbeng

Weak Credential Information as a Threat to Online Security

Cyprian Danso Darko

Cyberterrorism Using Smart Phones

Tseh Richard Divine

Analysing and Reconstructing Data for Forensic Inference and Conclusion

Rufus Larbi Okyere

SIFT Multi-Purpose Forensic Operating System For Digital Forensic Process.

Francis Wodugah

Random Data Loss and Theft in Cyberspace

Eric Ofosu Asare

A Review of Credential Stuffing

Ebenezer Tetteh Nanor

Mitigating Electromagnetic Side-Channel Attacks

Amankwah Attah

Multi-Factor Authentication for Online Security of Android Devices

Benjamin Baafi

Digital Multimedia Tampering Detection for Forensics Analysis

Bernard Mainoo


Packet Analysis for Network Forensics

Asiedu Francis

Host-Based Forensic – Analyzing Criminal Action Using Computer-Based Data

Richard Sefah Kwame

Information Security Incident Handling in the Cloud

Abraham Sackey

Privacy Preserving Internet of Things (IoT) Forensics

Frederick Asumang Odame

Internet Service Providers and Intermediary Liabilities
Anna Asunka

Digital Forensic Challenges in Internet of Things (IoT)

Albert Quist

Integration of Cloud in Mobile Forensics

Michael  Acquah  Stuff

Image-assisted Biometric Identification

Rasheed Abubakar Ayanaba

Collecting Digital Data with the Assurance of Integrity

Gilbert Sam

Forensic Analysis of Electronic Mail Messages

Eugene Marfo Akoto

Communication Protocol for Forensic Analysis

Worthy Elijah

Evidence Confidentiality and Digital Forensic Experts

John Kwaku Oppong

Application Information for Forensic Analysis Considerations for Registered Host / Users /Device Name & Bearer Tokens

Rosemond O. Addo-Sampong

Phase-Oriented Advice and Review Structure (PARS) for Digital Forensic Investigations

Aliloulaye Tchaou

5G Cellular Network Forensics

Edwin Angmor Kofi Ohipeni

Evidence Based Reconstruction for Digital Forensics

Ellen Akongwin Abanga

Liabilities of Shared System in Forensic Analysis

Eric Sowah Badger

A Review of Attacker Attribution

Ferdinand Kpieleh

Analysing Network Information and Protocol Using Wireshark

Theophilus Botchway

The Dark Web – A Review

Stanley Okyere-Agyei

Current and Future Trends In Mobile Device Forensics

​Godwin Anyomi

Forensic Analysis on Streaming Multimedia

Emmanuel Tettey Okan

Smartphone RSS Traces For Forensic Analysis

Roselyn Abena Terbie Hammond

A Review of Cloud Forensics

Alex Appiah Eshun

Digital Forensics In Multimedia

Frey John Wisdom

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