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Proceedings Papers Series 28 Vol 1


A Case Study to Investigate the Impact of Embracing:  A Growth   Culture to Implement Technology in Saccos In Kiambu County,   Kenya.

John Gacheru

 A Deception Based Intelligent Intrusion Detection System for  Detecting Threats of Exploits in Cloud Based Environments

 Oluoha, O.U., Okereke, G.E., Udanor, C.N & Bakpo, F.S.

Comparative Study of Institutional Facilities as Predictors of Students Choice of Schools:  Case Study of Public Tertiary  Institutions in Lagos, Nigeria.

Sokoya, A.A.


Design Of An Automated Home Security System With Remote Monitoring Capability

Abhadiomhen, S.E,, Nzeh, R., Ezeora, N.J., Uzo, I., Uzo, B.C, Ogbene,

 N.E. & Anichebe, G.E. .

User Centered Design Approach and Built Environment Sustainability

Abatan, I.O. &  Abatan, T.T


The Changing Nature of New Employees’ Orientation: “Staff Retention and Turnover Reduction” An Empirical Study In The Gambia's Public And Private Sectors

Onochie Abraham Lawrence

Real-Time Nitrogen Dioxide Pollutant Monitoring In Lagos State, Nigeria Using Wireless Sensor Networks

Ovabor, K.O.& Apeh, S.T.

The Future is Intelligent: Empowering Future Ready Workforce Through Artificial Intelligence (AI) Education At  The Academic City University College Accra Ghana

Longe O.B, Sharma, N., Amegadzie, J., Acquaye, C. & Kanubala, Deborah

Motivational Strategies as Determinants of Lecturers’ Effectiveness in Nigerian Private Universities Amidst Covid-19 Lockdown: Evidence from Al-Hikmah University

Yusuf, S  Mustapha, A.I., Muchiwa, E.H., Bello, Z.O. & Katibi, S.O.

Assessment of Syneresis in yoghurt produced from fresh cow milk using Brevibacterium linens as starter culture

Lawal ,R. A.,  Musa, H.,  Adebusoye, M. S. & Haruna U.S.


Epidemiological Aspects Of Ascariasis   And Associated Risk Factors Among Primary School Children In Lambata Community, Niger State, Nigeria During 2019-2020





Proceedings Papers Series 28 Vol 2


Assessment of Adult Awareness and Perception of Covid-19 Vaccines on Health Status of Urban Dwellers in Nigeria

Babatunde, Ezekiel Olusegun

Academic Staff Recruitments and Promotions BY Human Resources Managers at Nigerian Universities:A Case Study of Kaduna State University, Kaduna, Nigeria

Ahmed E. Saeed Omar & Shehu Ibrahim

Assessment of Dominative and Integrative Behaviour of Yoruba Language Teachers in Senior Secondary Schools in Oyo State Nigeria

Abijo, J.A.

​​​Strong Orthogonal Arrays and Orthogonal Array-Based Latin Hypercube Designs for Planning Experiments: A Method for Improving Study Design in Biomedical Research

​​Kazeem A. Osuolale,  Adesola Z. Musa , Waheed B. Yahya & Oluwaseun A. Otekunrin


Cybersecurity Risk Management in Identity Systems using Biometric-based Multimodal Authentication

Talabi, A.A., Longe, O.B., Muhammad, A.A. Olusanya, K. 

University Teachers’ Use of Twitter as an Instructional Tool and Effective Curriculum Content Implementation in Three Institutions of Higher Leaning in Cross River State Nigeria

Aglazor, G. & Omoogun, M.R.

Magnetohydrodynamic Flow and Heat Transfer Characteristics in Micropolar-Casson Fluid over a Stretching Surface with Temperature-dependent Material Properties

Fatunmbi, E.O. & Akanbi, O.O.

An Evaluation of Blockchain-Based Technologies in the Food Supply Chain.

Adegbenro, D.R., Longe, O.B., Dawodu, A.A., Abdulrahman, M. & Omonayin, E.T


Quality characteristics of Biscuits Produced from wheat-African-Locust Beans Pulp Flour Blends

Lawal, R.A, Musa, H. & Haruna, U.S. 

Proceedings Papers Series 28 Vol 3


Impact Measurement of Procurement Practices on Value for Money in the Gambian Public Sector:  An Empirical Study.

​Sanneh, M & Olanipekun, W.D.


The Rhetoric of Microfinance Bank Services and Performance of Small and Medium Scale Enterprises in the Gambia

Camara, S. & Olanipekun, W.D.

Engendering High-Performing Employees through Effective Teamwork Management: Empirical Evidence from the Gambian Healthcare Workers

Touray, Bintou & Olanipekun, W.D.

Analysis of the Government Expenditure and Its Effect on Economic Growth in the Gambia

Lamin Bittaye

Impact of Tech-Based Social Entrepreneurial Programs on Sustainable Development: Evidence from Early-Stage Start-Up Social Enterprises

Fabiyi, O. & Olanipekun, W.D.

Law, Politics and Leadership in Contemporary Africa – An Examination of Facts

Nwele, J. Obasi

Breaking the Backbone of Difficult Concepts in the New Secondary School Physics Curriculum in Africa 

Francis A. Onyewuchi, Michael Adewusi, Peter Okebukola, Tokunbo Odekeye Olasunkanmi Gbeleyi & Fred Awaah

Rural Women’s Access to Land and its Implications for Empowerment in Nigeria: The Case of Ilorin East Local Government Area, Kwara State, Nigeria

Omomeji, M. J & Olajide O. Adeola

A Study of Energy Efficiency in Wireless Sensor Networks
Benjamin Panful & Xie Zhibin


Evaluating the Impact of Critical Success Factors of Business Intelligence on Firm Performance- An Empirical Study
Fabiyi, Olawale & Olanipekun, W. Damilola

Impact Assessment of Corporate Governance on Performance Of Selected Listed Companies in Nigeria

Rufai, Hafsat Olubukanla










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