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   Arrival:  Monday 18th December, 2023

Events: Tuesday 19th December, 2023

 Departure:  Wednesday 20th December, 2023

  VenueChrisland University, Abeokuta, Nigeria

Chrisland University

Abeokuta, Nigeria

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Welcome to the iSTEAMS  Honours  2023  Conference, Chrisland University Abeokuta

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Chrisland University, Abeokuta, Nigeria is very proud to be associated with the iSTEAMS Conference partnering Institutions and organizations. We are therefore very delighted to welcome participants to Chrisland University, Abeokuta, Nigeria for the 38th iSTEAMS Research Nexus Conference and the 10th year Anniversary Celebrations of the iSTEAMS Conference. This is indeed a milestone that marks the dynamic, intellectual, research, social and developmental contributions of the conference and its impact global .

As a second time host of the event, which held its 15th Edition on our Campus in 2019 Pre-COVID we cannot but rejoice with the iSTEAMS Team and imploreparticipants to utilize the dynamism of our collective synergy to explore issues bordering on innovation, research, human capital development and technology transfer.  We encourage you you to explore the opportunities offered by the clustering of brilliant minds on the Chrisland University Campus. Enjoy the serenity and ambiance of the ancient and bubbling Abeokuta City.

You are all welcomed.


Professor (Mrs.) Chinedum Peace BABALOLA            

The  Vice Chancellor & Chief Host

Chrisland University, Abeokuta, Nigeria

Prof. Edward Santiago

Colorado State University

Global Campus

Colorado, USA 


Dr. (Mrs) Oladunni Izobo-Martns

Department of Architecture

Redeemers University

Ede, Osun State, Nigeria

Dr. (Mrs) Uyinomen Ekong

University of Uyo

Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria

Prof Santiago.jpg

iSTEAMS Conferences are multidisciplinary forums. Authors in the academia, professionals and practitioners are invited to submit papers in all areas of Science, ICTs, Engineering, Education, Health Sciences (Medicine, Nursing, Anatomy, Physiology, Pharmacy), Law, Arts, Management, Business, Agriculture, Geosciences, Policy, Agriculture, Forestry, Religious Studies, Environmental Sciences, Arts & Design, Hospitality Management, Survey & Geo-informatics, Applied Sciences, & the Social Sciences for the iSTEAMS Conference. Papers should contain substantial ideas which have the potential of aiding inventions, growth, development of human capital, industrial process optimization, energy conservation, inter-tertiary innovations, theories, practices, design, modeling and collaborative research. Papers are also welcome in the following conference sub-themes/domains:

  1. Financial Management & Economic Recovery

  2. Inter-tertiary Collaborations and its impact on Innovation and  Development

  3. Multidisciplinary Research and its role in Combating Terrorism and Insurgencies

  4. Collaborative Research Paradigm for Addressing Global Health Issues.

  5. Cross – Religious Tolerance  & Transformational Leadership

  6. Waste To wealth Issues and the Green Environment

  7. Impact of Visual Arts on Human Development and the  Environment

  8. Entrepreneurship & Employment Creation 

  9. Technical Vocational Education and Its role in Nation Building

  10. Waste To wealth Issues and the Green Environment

  11. Leadership and Political Stability, Peace and Conflict Resolution

  12. Climate Change and the Green Environment

  13. Combating Corruption for Economic Transformation

  14. ICTsand Its Application to Education, Agriculture & Health Sciences

  15. Development Informatics and Economic Development

  16. Educational Technology and Its role in nation Building

  17. Project Management, Engineering dynamics and Infrastructural development

  18. Architecture and architectural Innovations 

  19. Nanotechnology & Microbial Research and disease control 

  20. Algorithms, Datamining and Scalable network Systems 

  21. Cyber security and crime control, Electronic commerce and merchandising 

  Conference Registration Information for Prospective Participants 

SMART Africa Members


Hard Copy Proceeding:  N10,000



Hard Copy Proceedings: N10,000

Other Participants

N50,000 Flat Registration Fee

Hard Copy Proceedings: N10,000

Virtual Participants

N 25,000 Flat registration Fee

Hard Copy Proceedings: N10,000

International Participants 

USD 100 Flat 



​Acc Name:    Creative Research Conference Account

​Banker:          UBA Bank Current Account 

Account No:  1017041046 ​ 

All correspondence and request for information should be directed to the organizers  by email at 

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  Conference Scope                                                                        

     Paper Submission Instructions                         


Paper Submission Deadline is Friday 15th December2023. Articles should be in MS Word usually be between 4000-5000 words or 6 pages max, Arial Narrow (Font), 11 points, single spaced. Authors should use APA Referencing style. Paragraphs should be separated by spaces and be in block form - no indents. Article Title, Name of Authors, Affiliations, E-mail address and phone numbers should be at the beginning of each paper and centralized as itemized line by line. All articles must carry e-mail address and phone numbers. Articles should be sent as E-mail ATTACHMENT to PDF submissions will not be accepted. Please mark the title of the E-mail as Accra Bespoke Conference Paper Submission  Although FULL Papers are usually preferred for the iSTEAMS Conference, ABSTRACT ONLY SUBMISSIONS ARE WELCOMED. Full papers could be developed after the conference and submitted for Journal publication in any of the iSTEAMS Series of International Journals.  Click HERE to download the Submission Templatend make plans to visit.  All papers/article submission should be sent as email attachment to 

CONFERENCE REGISTRATION DETAILS                             

Physical Participants  USD 200 Flat registration Fee

Virtual Participants    USD 150 Flat registration Fee

International Participant USD 250 Flat Registration Fee 


Acc Name:             Creative Research Conference Account

Account ​Banker:     UBA Bank Current Account 
Account No:          10170
41046 ​ 

Swift Code:            UNAFNGLA 



Acc Name:             SMART AFRICA USD Account

Account ​Banker:     UBA Bank Current Account 
Account No:           3003171566

Swift Code:            UNAFNGLA 

Exchange Rates

Participants should ascertain prevailing exchange rate of the dollar to the Cedi HERE before departure from their countries of origin so as to be able to properly budget for travel, health, sundry and accommodation needs.


The associated Paypal e-mail for accounting purposes is

Important Information

International/Foreign and other  participants can also make payment using credit or debit cards. Please click the Buy Now button above. Payment through Bank Transfers, mobile banking, quicktellers and Paypal are accepted.  Please notify after payment. Click HERE to REGISTER for the i  Accra Bespoke Innovations Conference 2021. Note that REGISTRATION for the conference only require you to provide data that will assist the organizing committee in planning for the conference. You can register NOW and make payments later. Please call +233595479930 or +2348061364681; +2348160900893  if you have any challenges with paper submission or need any further clarifications.

  Important Information on  Traveling to Nigeria                

​ECOWAS citizens including Nigerians do not need visas to visit Nigeria. The ECOWAS passport is all that is required. Road and other forms of transportation are available to travel from ECOWAS countries to Nigeria.  Kindly check with the Nigerian Embassy or Consulate in your country for visa requirements if you are travelling to Nigeria from any country other than an ECOWAS Country. 

  Brief on Lodging & Feeding                                          


​A variety of accomodation options are available for conference participants within the host city and environs.  The organizers can assist in facilitating this. 

  Tourist Attractions                                                       


There are several tourist attractions in Abeokuta. Click HERE to check out possible tourist interest and make plans to visit. 

All correspondence and request for information should be directed to the organizers  by email at 

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