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International Science, Technology, Education,

Arts  Management & The Social Sciences Conference

An International Multidisciplinary, Interdisciplinary, Inter-tertiary  Conference 


Jointly Organized By

The IEEE Computer Society Nigeria/ACM/ISACA Faculty Advocacy

The Society for Multidisciplinary and Advanced Research Techniques (SMART)

Google Technological Initiative for Africa

Nigerian Association of Computer Science Students (NACOSS)



Theme Democratizing  Multidisciplinary Ecosystems for Global   

                 Growth & Research Innovations



Dates: April - May, 2020


Virtual Multidisciplinary Conference, AUN, Yola  2020


    SPEAKERS AND LEAD PRESENTERS                                                          

Prof Benny.jpg

Prof. Daudu Benny

Dean of Law

Taraba State University

Jalingo, Nigeria

Dr. Mrs Anne Baba

Distruptive Tech. Scholar

Illinois, Chicago,

United States of America

Prof. M.O. Kah

Provost/VP Academics

American University of Nigeria

Yola, Adamawa State Nigeria


Dr. Dawn Dekle  

The President

American University of Nigeria

Yola, Adamawa State, Nigeria


      GENERAL CONFERENCE SCOPE                                                               

The iSTEAMS  Conference 2020.  is a multidisciplinary forum. Authors in the academia, professionals and practitioners are invited to submit papers in all areas of Science, ICTs, Engineering, Education, Health Sciences (Medicine, Nursing, Anatomy, Physiology, Pharmacy), Law, Arts, Management, Business, Agriculture, Geosciences, Policy, Agriculture, Forestry, Religious Studies, Environmental Sciences, Arts & Design, Hospitality Management, Survey & Geo-informatics, Applied Sciences, & the Social Sciences for the iSTEAMS Conference. Papers should contain substantial ideas which have the potential of aiding inventions, growth, development of human capital, industrial process optimization, energy conservation, inter-tertiary innovations, theories, practices, design, modeling and collaborative research. Papers are also welcome in all domains of research. Visit for information on upcoming events

The 23rd International Science, Technology, Education, Arts, Management & the Social Sciences (iSTEAMS) Multidisciplinary Conference held virtually and transmitted from the American University of Nigeria, Yola, Adamawa State, Nigeria during the COVID-19 Pandemic Lockdown. This pioneering effort at holdomg a virtual conference in Nigeria took place between April-May, 2020. It was delightful to see participants connecting to us in Nigeria from Europe, America, Asia and other parts of te world.

On nehalf of the organizing Committee, i  want to specially appreciate the Management of the American University of Nigeria and our collaborating partners, all speakers, lead paper presenters, participants and everyone that contributed to making the conference a successful event. Papers presented at the conference are availanle on this page and can be downloaded as open access documents.

Thank you


Comrade Adekunle Durosinmi  CITP, MNCS, MIEEE , MIAENG, MCPN

Co-Convener, iSTEAMS International Multidisciplinary Conferences

Secretary IEEE Nigeria, Computer Society




Soft Computing Modelling for Blockchain Smart Contracts

Salahudeen, R & Fonkam, M.

Leveraging on Information & Communication Technologies (ICTs)  to Mitigate Examination Malpractices in Nigerian Academic Institutions.

Jimoh, H.O., Adeyemi, A.S., Toye, N.T & Kehinde, O.O.

Data Integration Model For Tertiary Institutions In A Developing Country

Achuenu, A.C. (PhD), Oduntan, E.B. (PhD) & & Aliu, N.F.

Knowledge Sharing Among School Library Personnel in Nigeria: How Do Digital And Media Literacies Interfere?

Aramide, K.A. (PhD)

A Behavioural Model for Assessing Employee Suceptibility to Social Engineering Attacks

Emmanuel Okoro Ajah

Promoting Economic Sustainability in Nigeria Using Entrepreneurship Education

Jimoh, H.O., Adeyemi, A.S., Toye, N.T. & Anyanwu, N.

Application of Grounded -Theory Concepts in Analyzing Organizational Readiness and Barriers for Mobile Health (M- Health) Adoption in Nigeria

Nachandiya, N., Che, F. & Longe, O.B.

A Conceptual Approach to Network Effectiveness in Monitoring System 

Dawodu, A.A.,  Adepoju, A.O., Lawal, O.O. & Akinyemi, O.S.

Production and Evaluation of Yoghurt Produced from Fresh Cow Milk Using Brevibacterium Linens as Starter Culture
Lawal, R. A., Musa, H. Adebusoye, M.S. & Haruna, U.S.

​Towards Building Customer Relationship In Cloud Environment

Onawola Hassan, J, Longe, O.B, Ridwan, S. & Garba, A.

​Evaluating the Performance of Some NoSQL Databases in the Storage and Management of Big Data

Edward E. Ogheneovo & Chidi E. Egwu

A Single Diode Model of a PV System Using MATLAB/Simulink

Abatan Taiwo T., Olateju Adeyemi I. & Adenekan Olujide A.



A Dynamic Decision-Model for Re-thinking Information Security in Higher Institution of Learning

Bukhari, B., Longe, O.B., Jean-Paul, C. & Auwal, A.T.

​Framework For The Detection Of Android Malware Using Artificial Immune System

Ndatsu, Z. & Adebayo, O.S.

Convolutional Neural Network Algorithm and its application in Facial Recognition: A Review

Hassan Opotu Siyaka, Olumide Owolabi; Bisallah, I. Hashim

Modelling Sustainability In A Rural Community Network

Auwal Alhassan Tata, Longe Babatope Olumide, . Jean-Paul Cleron & Bukhari Badamasi

The Adoption of Modified Convolutional Neural Networks Algorithm Based Authentication Scheme for Examination Conduct in Nigeria

Hassan Opotu Siyaka, Olumide Owolabi and Bisallah, I. Hashim

Organisational Culture and Job Performance of Librarians in University Libraries in Southwestern Nigeria

Oyeboade, S.A.

Examining The Impact of Twitter (Tweets) On Security Using Sentiment Analysis and Opinion Mining: A Case Study of Nigeria

Salisu, S , Omotosho, O.M. & Longe, O.B

Techno-Economic Analysis Of Standalone Solar Power System For Small And Medium Scale Enterprises (SMES) In Nigeria

Mufutau, W. O., Ilori,  A.O., Idowu, O.A & Ojo, A.A

Antibacterial Efficacy, Phytochemical Screening and Toxicological Analysis of Momordica Charantia Schaefer Fruits Extracts

Awe, A.S., Iyanda, A.A., Oluwanishola, W.O, Ibikunle, J.B & Olawale, K.M


Sensory Evaluation Of Cheese Produced From Nigeria Dwarf Goat Milk, Cow
Milk and their Combination Using Brevibacterium linens as Coagulant.

Lawal, R. A., Musa, H. Adebusoye, M.S. & Haruna, U.S.

Understanding The Role of Big Data Management During Crisis

Eze, B. E & Olaiya, O.O.

       Journal Publication Outlet for Extended Proceedings Papers                                                                                                                                

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Extended versions of iSTEAMS conference proceedings papers as well as fresh submissions will be considered as *Research Articles/Papers *Case Studies *Empirical Research *Survey Studies *Theoretical Papers *Position Papers *Experimental Design Papers * Technical Reports *Short Communication in any of the relevabt iSTEAMS Journals shown above.  Papers/Article submission are accepted on rolling basis. All articles are subjected to a rigorous peer review process. Both online and hard copy publications and produced. Detailed submission instruction are available on the Journals' website. Fresh submissions are also welcomed for all the Journals  and can be submitted as e-mail attachment to  Conditions apply for Publishing extended version papers in these Journals

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