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Research Nexus Journals 

Our Journals are:  

* Multidisciplinary 

* Intertertiary 

* Innovation-Driven

* Theory Based

* Human Capacity Building Focused 

* Developmental

* Collaborative 


Addressing Human-Centred Challenges Through  Multidisciplinary Innovations and Cross-Border Research Collaborations. 

Date:    21st - 23rd March, 2016
Venue: University of Professional Studies 
              Accra , Ghana.   

Research Nexus Journals 

Research Nexus Africa, the Organizers of the iSTEAMS Conference Series in collaboration with partnering institutions, organizations and Research Centres across the globe publishes cutting edge research reports and extended versions of papers presented at the iSTEAMS and other conferences in Journals and other Affiliated Publications.


Authors in the academia, professionals and practitioners are invited to submit papers for consideration in all areas of Life and Physical Sciences, ICTs, Management, Engineering, Education, Health Sciences (Medicine, Nursing, Anatomy, Physiology, Pharmacy), Law, Architecture & Environmental Sciences, Humanities, Business, Agriculture, Geosciences, Policy, Agriculture, Religious Studies, Arts, Theatre and & Design, Hospitality Management, Survey & Geo-informatics, Applied Sciences, & the Social Sciences. Papers should contain substantial ideas that can be transffered to aid development as well as have the potential for aiding inventions, theories, innovation, practices, design and specialized use. Journals are published in electronic and print formats. 


Existing Journals Include:


* Advances in Multidisciplinary & Scientific Research Journal. 

* Computing Information Systems and Allied Research Journal 

* The African Journal of Information Systems

* African Journal of Computing & ICTs 


Other reputable Journals/Publications are invited to publish articles and extened papers from the iSTEAMS Conference. To express interest please send an e-mail with the title "EXPRESSION OF INTEREST" to any of the following addresses:


1. to 





Or call +2348160900893

Useful Links

Extended versions of papers presented during the iSTEAMS Conference and original articles (New Manuscripts) are invited to be submited for consideration to the AIMS Advances in Multidisciplinary and Scientific (AIMS) Research (AIMS) Research Journal). Authors should e-mail APA Style papers as attachment to Click HERE to visit AIMS Research Journal 

The Computing, Information Systems, Development Informatics and Allied Research Journal (CISDIAR) provides a distinctive international multidisciplinary perspective on theories, issues, frameworks and practice at the nexus of computing, informations systems Developments Informatics, Business Management and policy. Short communications/reviews on interdisciplinary research activities that appropriate design, localization, development, implementation and usage of information and communication technologies (ICTs) are welcomed. 

The Journal also promote policy research that seeks to employ established (and proposed) legal and social frameworks to support the achievement of development goals through ICTs - particularly the millennium development goals. Paper submission instructions can be found on the "Submission page"

Domiciled at the Faculty of Science, Adeleke University, Ede, State of Osun, Nigeria, the Journal of Advances in Scientific Research & Applications (JASRA) is a research and practice Multidisciplinary Journal that publishes cutting edge research and innovation in all areas of science, applied science, technology and other related fields. JASRA provides a distinctive international perspective on scientific research, applied science research, theories, issues, innovations, frameworks and practice. Scientific research and innovation is required to provide useful solution to some of the problems the world faces today. It reports breakthrough research and research findings that cuts across all areas of science and applied science can be reported. Click Here to access JASRA 

The African Journal of Computing and ICT is a publication of the Computer Chapter of the Nigeria Section of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Inc, New York, USA. The journal publishes concise technical, research and review papers on Computer Science, Information Technology, Information Management and other related IEEE designated fields. The goal of the journal is to contribute to rapid  ICT and industrial development all over the world, in the African region and Nigeria in particular via the publication of topical and relevant papers from a theoretic/academic and practical/ industrial points of view. Interested authors should consult the "Call for Papers" page for  guidelies on paper submission and scope of the journal.  The Journal is accesible at 

The iSTEAMS Conference Journal 

The Research Nexus Arica Networks in Collaboration with different host Institutions & our International Partners - The Africa Insitutute for Development Informatics & Policy (AIDIP) Ghana* The International Centre for Information technology & Development (ICITD), USA

Reseach Nexus Africa 

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