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Conference Theme

Pandemic Politics & Educational Legacies in a COVID-19 Era 

Collaborating Partners 


Society for Multidisciplinary & Advanced Research Techniques (SMART) Africa 

Academic City University College, Accra, Ghana

IEEE Computer Society Nigeria Section

The ICT University Foundations, USA

    Mon 24th - Wed 26th October, 2022        


On behalf of the Organizers, Partnering Institutions and  Collaborators  for  The Gambia AIUWA MINTT Conference 2022 it is my pleasure to welcome prospective participants, delegates, students, scholars, researchers, practitioners, students and multidisciplinary enthusiast to this multidisciplinary, inter tertiary collocated event


Direct All Enquiries to the organizers at

Our world has been dramatically impacted by the COVIO Pandemic. Nevertheless, research innovations has continued to progress with concerted efforts directed at evolving new and innovative ways not only to address the effects and impacts of the pandemic but to mitigate and deal with human-centred and infrastructural challenges that has plagued the world pre-pandemic. Researchers are also looking beyond the pandemic to a world driven by digitization and digitalization; a world where artificial intelligence finds its way into the dynamics of different disciplines , where AI drives innovations, technologies, thinking, processes and human interactions - multidisciplinarity and interdisciplinarity driven by AI

The MINTT Conference has therefore comes at an opportune time to provide a platform for cross fertilization of ideas on common and divergent interest that presently impact and will in the future determine how positioned or prepared we are to live in a technology-driven world. This Conference seeks to facilitate research innovations, knowledge discoveries, socioeconomic and human capital development through the  dynamism and interaction of human and material resources both locally and internationally  with the attendant aim of addressing the myriads of solvable global challenges using multifaceted technology-based solutions.


We welcome prospective participants to consider submitting research articles, position papers, reports, and all forms of articulations in all fields of human endeavours and explore the opportunities offered by the clustering of brilliant minds at this conference to obtain valid inputs that will further fuel research agendas and innovations in our multifaceted world. I believe your participation will add zest to what is potentially a great and highly impactful event.


WELCOME to The Gambia - The Smiling Coast of Africa 

Prof. Longe Olumide Babatope

Distinguished Fulbright, UI-McArthur & HLF  (Germany) Fellow

Co-Convener MINTT Conference The Gambia 

Dean - Faculty of Computational Sciences & Informatics

Academic City University College, Accra, Ghana.

CONFERENCE REGISTRATION DETAILS                                              

Physical Participants  USD 180 Flat registration Fee

Virtual Participants    USD 150 Flat registration Fee


Acc Name:             SMART Conference Account (USD) 

Account ​Banker:   UBA Bank Domiciliary Account 
Account No:          3003171544​ 

Swift Code:            UNAFNGLA 

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Exchange Rates

Participants should ascertain prevailing exchange rate of the dollar to the Dalasi HERE before departure from their countries of origin so as to be able to properly budget for travel, health, sundry expenses and accommodation needs.


Important Information

International/Foreign and other  participants can also make payment using credit or debit cards. Please click the Buy Now button above. Payment through Bank Transfers, mobile banking, quicktellers and Paypal are accepted.  Please notify after payment. Click HERE to REGISTER for the i  MINTT Conference The Gambia, 2022. Note that REGISTRATION for the conference only require you to provide data that will assist the organizing committee in planning for the conference. You can register NOW and make payments later. Please call +233595479930 or +2348160900893  if you have any challenges with paper submission or need any further clarifications.

      GENERAL CONFERENCE SCOPE                                                              

The Multidisciplinary Innovations & Technology Transfer (MINTT) Conference 2022 is a watershed forum for researchers, authors, enthusiasts, practitioners, students and professionals across all disciplines. Authors in the academia, professionals and practitioners are invited to submit papers in all areas of Science, ICTs, Engineering, Education, Health Sciences (Medicine, Nursing, Anatomy, Physiology, Pharmacy), Law, Arts, Management, Business, Agriculture, Geosciences, Policy, Agriculture, Forestry, Religious Studies, Environmental Sciences, Arts & Design, Hospitality Management, Survey & Geo-informatics, Applied Sciences, & the Social Sciences for the iSTEAMS Conference. Papers should contain substantial ideas which have the potential of aiding inventions, growth, development of human capital, industrial process optimization, energy conservation, inter-tertiary innovations, theories, practices, design, modeling and collaborative research. Papers are also welcome in the following conference sub-themes/domains:

  • Engineering Technologies & Innovations

  • Educational Technologies & Innovations

  • Knowledge Discovery in Medical & Pharmaceutical Sciences

  • Financial Management & Economic Recovery

  • Artificial Intelligence, Data Governance, Ethics, Responsible AI. & Machine Learning

  • Public health and the COVID Pandemic

  • Inter-tertiary Collaborations and its impact on Innovation and  Development

  • Multidisciplinary Research and its role in Combating Terrorism and Insurgencies

  • Collaborative Research Paradigm for Addressing Global Health Issues.

  • Cross – Religious Tolerance  & Transformational Leadership

  • Waste To wealth Issues and the Green Environment

  • Impact of Visual Arts on Human Development and the  Environment

  • Entrepreneurship & Employment Creation 

  • Technical Vocational Education and Its role in Nation Building

  • Waste To wealth Issues and the Green Environment

  • Leadership and Political Stability, Peace and Conflict Resolution

  • Climate Change and the Green Environment

  • Combating Corruption for Economic Transformation

  • ICTsand Its Application to Education, Agriculture & Health Sciences

  • Development Informatics and Economic Development

  • Educational Technology and Its role in nation Building

  • Project Management, Engineering dynamics and Infrastructural development

  • Architecture and architectural Innovations 

  • Nanotechnology & Microbial Research and disease control 

  • Algorithms, Datamining and Scalable network Systems 

  • Cyber security and crime control, Electronic commerce and merchandising 

  • Innovation in Teaching & Learning 

     Paper Submission Instructions                                            


Paper Submission Deadline is Monday 17th October, 2022. Articles should be in MS Word usually be between 4000-5000 words or 6 pages max, Arial Narrow (Font), 11 points, single spaced. Authors should use APA Referencing style. Paragraphs should be separated by spaces and be in block form - no indents. Article Title, Name of Authors, Affiliations, E-mail address and phone numbers should be at the beginning of each paper and centralized as itemized line by line. All articles must carry e-mail address and phone numbers. Articles should be sent as E-mail ATTACHMENT to PDF submissions will not be accepted. Please mark the title of the E-mail as Gambia MINTT Conference Paper Submission  Although FULL Papers are usually preferred for the iSTEAMS Conference, ABSTRACT ONLY SUBMISSIONS ARE WELCOMED. Full papers could be developed after the conference and submitted for Journal publication in any of the iSTEAMS Series of International Journals.  Click HERE to download the Submission Template

  Important Information on  Traveling to The Gambia           

All travelers to the Gambia must be in possession of Negative COVID-19 PCR test for entry into the Gambia. Participants should equally ascertain prevailing travel requirements through their airline websites. as these may be updated/adjusted periodically. Please check exchange rate of the dollar to the Dalasi HERE before departure from their countries of origin so as to be able to properly budget for travel, health, sundry and accommodation needs.

Dr. Philip Nukpe.JPG
Prof Santiago.jpg

Dr. Anne Baba

Multidisciplinary Researcher

& Educator

Portland Oregon, USA 

Dr. Philip Kukpe

Chair Dept of Bus Admin

Academic City University

, Accra, Ghana

Prof. Edward Santiago 

State University of NY

Sullivan County College

New York State, USA

Dr. Uyinomen Ekong

University of Uyo

Uyo, Akwa Ibom State


   About The Gambia                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

The Gambia is a West African country, bounded by Senegal, with a narrow Atlantic coastline. It's known for its diverse ecosystems around the central Gambia River. Abundant wildlife in its Kiang West National Park and Bao Bolong Wetland Reserve includes monkeys, leopards, hippos, hyenas and rare birds. The capital, Banjul, and nearby Serrekunda offer access to beaches Here’s our pick of the best experiences around. Visit

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 Visa(s) & Travel Information to Foreigners & ECOWAS Citizens                            


​ECOWAS citizens includng do not need visas to visit The Gambia The ECOWAS passport is all that is required.  Kindly check with the Gambian Embassy or Consulate in your country for visa requirements if you are travelling to Gambia from any country other than an ECOWAS Country. Citizens whose countries do not have a Gambian can obtain Visas on Arrival.  Delegates wishing to attend in person are adviced to book and pay for your flights in advance to secure affordable and economy rates. 


  Brief on Lodging, Feeding  & Tourism in the Gambia                                              


A variety of accommodation options are available for conference participants within the host city and environs. We will provide a list of Conference partner hotels in due course Please note that Participants are solely responsible for their accommodation and travel expenses. Assistant for pre-arrival hotel bookings and travel can be accommodated by the conference organizing committee. Participants can also book online directly with hotels as soon as possible. Participants should budget between $10 - $15 per day for meals. There are several tourist attractions in The Gambia. Click HERE to check out possible tourist interest and make plans to visit. 

Call for Papers - MINT Conference AIUWA The Gambia 2022.jpg
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Society for Multidisciplinary & Advanced Research Techniques in Africa 

A Creative Research Networks Multidisciplinary Group


Reseach Nexus Africa 

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